If you have a particular issue, here is where you can check for major updates or discussions.  You can also leave feedback (suggestions, questions) for the game itself.

For bug reporting, please REPLY on this webpage using the button at the bottom.  I am monitoring this daily.  It allows other users to see what issues are genuine bugs, and where there are puzzles etc.

Unity edition, version 2.0.170 is live and stable

Ever since 2.0.075 it includes a necessary underlying upgrade of the Unity platform to 5.6.3.  Unfortunately Unity has worsened in terms of mobile performance, and many developers are grappling how to rectify some of that.  Current suggestions for devices where you experience slowness or occasional memory shutdown:

a) back up your savegame!  a shutdown during file procedure can corrupt the active file.  A backup saves you.

b) turn on the “reduced map size” on page 7 of the options.  And turn CPU USAGE to second lowest level. You can also experiment with some of the other options there but the minimap is the worst culprit as it creates thousands of sprites, so my recommnedation is just having those two things.

c) notify me via facebook and let me know your experience.  It helps me track things down.

Unity edition, version 1.9.330 is live and stable

I am most focussed on chapter3 expansion work as well as a ‘Dark Side’ spinoff (see details HERE), but changes below were made that had accumulated through feedback.  Some smaller other ones I am still working through.

– added an ERASE MAP KNOWLEDGE performance option, as this reduces savegame file size and computation memory drain. Could potentially help lower memory devices reduce crash occurrence
– fixed an issue with baby floaters spawning n groups of trolls
– fixed resist evil spell wording in fight log
– Upon popular request: SPECTRAL DRAGONS! even nastier than golden dragon and diamond dragon.
– POISON DART can now be chosen as auto attack spell.  if not in range, the actor advances towards the enemies.
– modified the fight speed formulas for attacks and moves.  found a few things I wanted to tweak AND found a genuine error where monster’s SLOW curse would actually speed you up.  Guys can no longer get unlimitedly fast (which was never intended, but simply not tested > level ~60 or so).
– class change will now trigger unsuitable equipment to be removed
– for those finding themselves BEHIND Kratos’ corpse, there is now an emergency teleport out of the cave
– no longer any accidental wizard insignia created that give berserker will skill+
– upon popular demand: a monk can now become an exorcist !
– every item the diamond dragon drops now has a 5% chance of being geomancer crystals. because some people sold all 13 sets before noticing the pub quest.
– Parnosz got reported in, now he can no longer charge 1 gold for supposedly ‘free’ ID’ing
– magic lore skill and spell books owned now contribute to slight improvement in from-use spell proficiency gain
– added one undead dragon guard to Zomok’s pets area. so the tough grind for a vengeance spawn is not required
– made sure item highlights (red) in inventory screen work properly
– fixed an issue where corrupted items can occur on shield changes

Unity edition, version 1.9.210 is live and stable

After many smaller updates that fixed bugs and introduced new features and skills, 1.9.210 is out and stable and probably a version that will stand for a fair bit of time.  I am not focussed on chapter3 expansion work as well as a ‘Dark Side’ spinoff(see details HERE).

Unity edition, version 1.8.11 is live from 21st Sep

Many fixes and expansions. Addresses issues where spawners don’t spawn (Deluon and others), xp steps were fixed, many other tweaks to monster toughness and more random encounters.

If you find a specific boss monster not spawning, v1.8.11 should fix it.

Also added: weapon swap skill, flame arrows skill etc.

Unity edition, version 1.5.10 is live

Uses a clean savegame approach, but old savegame files were not deleted, if there are any remaining issues with savegames let me know.  And please use the backup functionality.  Still working on iCloud support to be added soon.

Unity edition, version 1.4.10 is live 

It resolves a bug that made savegames disappear in 1.3.60.  If you are experiencing savegames that have gone or are showing with 6 fighters at level 0, then don’t do any saving or changes, please close the app and upgrade to 1.4.

Version 1.3.50 is live on Apple store and without known bugs or crash issues.

Dungeons of Chaos is designed to work on as many devices as possible and back to at least Android 4.3, and we have not seen any issues on the devices we tested.  If there are any, please report them to us.  Please note though that we cannot guarantee it will work on all the 11,000 Android devices that the App store will make it available to.  If your device has SMALLER screen size than 640×400, or RAM of 512MB or less, then the app may not perform in a way that is enjoyable.  If you want to continue and true anyway, please enable all 3 performance options on page 7 of the ‘options’ menu, in particular the slow-safe option.  Your OS may still shut the app down due to memory use and your savegames may be lost.



705 thoughts on “Support

  1. Hello,
    I ha e been really enjoyong this game since i downloaded it. I have version 2.0.153. I am using and android Samsung s7 active. I am about a third od the way im chapter 3. Average level 69 party. I love this game.
    I went to the dwarf city to sell off loot and had it saved while in thedwarg city. I had A LOT of loot to get rid of. I left the phone idle for 30 min and had to reboot the game.
    I went to load my one saved game and it will not load. It just says “loading.” I tried restarting the phone. Still same issue. What can be done? I have spent at least 60 hours on this party. Please don’t tell me it’s all gone.



  2. +1 on the “Loading” problem. For me, it was when I used the backup function. When I tried to get back into the game after doing a backup, it did the perma-load thing. It never gets to the random hint. Restoring did not fix the problem. One of my other saved game slots works fine, but my primary saved game seems to be lost.



  3. Hi Volker,
    I finally got to Chapter 3 and am a bit confused. I have not been able to win a single fight since I got to Ch. 3. Everything says I have little to no chance of winning. I have a feeling I am not going where you meant for the story to progress – it all feels way too hard. I have tried backing off to very easy level and still nothing. I have retrieved some of my equipment but not all. I made it to talk to the druids and to the dwarven city and took a boat to another couple of islands. I have a 40-50 level usual mixed party, all characters upgraded to a new class. I am sure this is user error, but if you could point me to a place that I should be able to beat the monsters, I will give it a try and start enjoying the game again 🙂

    Stuff I can’t beat:
    Ice titans in the snowy valley
    ALL arenas
    Undead in the cave on the island with the unicorn
    A few other things I can’t remember 🙂




    • There isn’t a big issue if you can’t defeat any big guns anywhere. The main storyline is important for now: talk to Zalaan And to the Druids. In the order is probably best but not required. You will eventually be teleported back to the first chaos dungeon where you can find the first 2/3 of your equipment (a second dungeon with the rest is accessed later). If you need to level and get xp, the best approaches are:
      1. The story quests. No risk there. Up until you get to the dwarven mines it won’t involve fights.
      2. The enemies on BRACYA. They mutated but are doable. Once you can, the dark orcs in the west. Maybe not the minibosses in their HQ yet. But also the arch lich minions in the north west.
      3. Arenas all across the land. Some are super tough. Some are ok. Great xp and gold and even loot.
      4. Nether dwarves in the dwarven mine. Good gold and some loot.
      5. Then minibosses and tougher arena fights.
      Hope it helps!


      • Ah, ok. I got confused because it seemed to be sending me to that other island (with the unicorn) before I could get to Bracya. The council person sent me to the other island and I couldn’t beat anything there, so I figured that would prevent me from getting the pass I need to get to Bracya. Maybe there is a different way to Bracya that I was missing. That would make a lot of sense. Thanks!



  4. Hi Volker,
    Getting ready to switch cell networks and get a new phone. Can my saved games move with me to the new phone somehow? Will I need to buy the game again? Thanks!



    • if this is iPhone, you need to make a backup to your computer using iTunes and then with the new phone “restore from backup” and all app data should come across.
      If this is Android, then you could rely on the Android 6+ functionality for backing up and restoring, although I am not familiar with the detail. Best to google that. Or, to do it by hand and with more certainty, other fans said you should root the old device … Download Odin app and the root drivers for your build. Then go in and move the files (with root access you can see and get/modify app data files).

      Either way, you definitely do not need to buy the game again, because both the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes store will allow you to re-download games that were purchased previously on the account you log in with. So if you keep your app store account you can redownload.


    • That would mean the steam client is not initiating correctly. Then the steam SDK/code shuts the game down right away. In the steam client when you right-click DoC and in Properties go to LOCAL FILES -> BROWSE LOCAL FILES does it show the correct location? You may want to run “check file integrity” from that same menu as well.

      Also, can you check the access permissions on the .exe file? You need it to be allowed to run as an executable.

      Updating the steam client to latest has also helped one player who had issues starting it.


  5. There is an issue with your pages: the advertising window keep pulling the scroll back up every few seconds. As a result, the page is very difficult to acess


    • If I open my page (logged out) on Safari I don’t get any ads. Where do you get ads?

      EDIT: I see, at the bottom of blog posts they do appear. WordPress does that. But I don’t see any pulling issue. Neither on Chrome nor Safari. What browser do you use?


  6. Hi ; just started the game ; killed the rat king before I got the quest to do so. Does this mean the game is broken for me and I need to start again? (been searching for another ‘rat king’ for ages)


  7. Hello,
    I bought this through Steam, so I posted this on there as well…

    When I first tried to run DoC, it was detected by Bitdefender 2018 as malware. I disabled the antivirus and tried running, but it will not load. It doesn’t even seem to load anything in the task manager (not even briefly).
    I tried changing DoC.exe to run as administrator and even on Windows XP SP2, but no dice.

    Any ideas as to what the problem may be?



    • Thanks to Volker’s quick reply on Steam, He sent me a link to another fan’s similar issue, and it fixed it.
      * Select the Protection icon
      * Click on the VIEW FEATURES link
      * In the “Advanced Threat Defence” panel, select the gear icon
      * Click on “Add application to the whitelist”
      * Browse and add the DoC.exe application

      Thanks Volker! 🙂


  8. Bug on android latest version.

    New game, first time outside and visit to the bat cave (Bracya). Immediately exit the cave and I get the messages that signify entering bracya in chapter 3 (not 1). My level 3 monks are way out of their depths.


    • Oh wow. Let me check that! Thanks for letting me know.
      UPDATE: can’t reproduce it … if you go into the cave again, and out, does it do the same again?
      To debug what is happening here, can you open your quest log and let me know what shows as complete? Thanks!


      • I’ve gone back to the shelter: no inhabitants just the portal to chaos.

        Quest log:
        3 complete: rats, training, spiders
        1 open: unread

        I’ll go back to the cave


      • if the shelter is also empty, it means both the Bracya map and shelter shows the chapter3 version. somehow the trigger for ch3 got set. No clue how… did you do anything exciting prior to entering the bat cave? it would be something other than the actual bat cave that triggered it, could be anything before that.


      • Gone in to damp cave again then left. Map clear (nothing on recalling surrounding area) but it’s back to chapter 1. Odd.


      • nothing exciting:
        New characters, did arena rats; did rat quest; killed some spiders and orcs. Got stash from tree in mountains then decided to pop into cave and immediately leaving fearing I’d lose to bats.


      • ok. can you please go to page 7 of the options, click the debug button, and try to get access to the file location it lists there? there should be one called ‘new’, that one. And then send me the file “savegame…” with the number of your savegame (has slots 0 to 14 if used). I need to check what your quests show. Could be a file corruption with very small impacts. Do you auto-save on map change?


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