The code in this game was essentially developed by a single hobby developer, VOLKER ELZNER.

But I can’t thank all those people enough that have contributed their graphics and audio art to the community:

Most Music by HorrorPen ( [CC BY 3.0 license], remaxim, yd, Kistol and JaggedStone (also found by user name at [CC BY 3.0], with some yd music under CC0).

‘Strange Land’ track for the deserted chaos rift by Flavio Traversa (more from this artist likely coming in my next projects, check out his work at

Other great atmospheric pieces by Alexandr Zhelanov ( under CC BY 3.0 and 4.0, Thespider.wav by vumseplutten1709 @ [CC BY 3.0], and Dragon Warrior by dino1 @ [CC BY 3.0].

THANKS FOR CREATING SUCH AWESOME MUSIC AND AMBIENCE TRACKS!! And in terms of yd also for the map making tutorial!

For complete licence terms please check the Creative Commons License:

Some pieces of music are from Eric Matyas @, licenced under CC BY 4.0. (see Magic and Breathing sound by RICHERlandTV under CC BY 3.0 @  Tadaa1/Fanfare sound by rdholder @ under CC BY 3.0. Player Death sound by Michel Baradari under CC-BY-3.0 ( Spell sounds starter pack from pOss (unmodified) used under CC-BY-SA 3.0 @ Party Death ‘Game Over II’ theme from Kistol (unmodified) used under CC-BY 3.0 @ Music and sounds above have NOT been altered other than converting to mp3 format where relevant.

A lot of the tileset images were drawn by David E. Gervais as part of the TOME and Dungeon Odissey projects. What a great work of art they are, and so vast amounts of tiles, many thanks David! David’s work is published under the following Creative Commons License CC BY 3: You can download more of David’s tilesets here: and

Part of the graphic tiles used in this program is from the Public domain roguelike tileset ‘RLTiles’. Some of the tiles have been used as a basis for modifications by Volker Elzner. You can find the original tileset at:

You can find Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup modified tilesets at:, they are a great set of graphics as well, many thanks for making them available. Some CC0 art from DENZI Room is part of the DCSS but there is also more from Denzi I used that is CC0, from  Big thanks to DENZI as well for his other CC-BY-SA-3 art, some great monsters and other things (DENZI Room’s pixel art is published at

Other great artwork (PD CC0 and CC-BY 3) from 7Soul1, you can find most of his work and detailed licence terms here: and

‘Wilderness Tileset’, ‘Hard Vaccum’, ‘Circle Graphic Artfile’ art by Daniel Cook (CC-BY 3.0,, which were my inspiration for many small elements.

Thanks also to Reiner ‘Tiles’ Prokein for his awesome tilesets (Drachenhort and others), visit his site for all his great works of art.

A small number of tiles also stem from work from rAum, jackFlower, DrZoliparia, Neil2D as part of the Warlock’s Gauntlet’s spell icons. Thanks!

Thanks also to Paulius Jurgelevičius for some skill and spell icons (

And to BUCH for health/mana bars, and Jerom for some GB tiles I re-colored. And thanks to Heather Lee Harvey for some nice item images (

You can find their artwork and much more at

Big thanks to Hyptosis, because I used some tiles from his vast amount of artwork (as published in bulk on OGA by Zabin), and the quality is just astonishing!

Thanks to MrBeast for his worldmapoverworld tileset, from which I used the village/castle/lair tiles. And thanks to Jetrel who did some of the original artwork for such tiles and from whom I also used a few more inventory items.

And Daniel Cook, yd, Jetrel,Zabin for (CC-BY-SA 3.0). I also used some artwork from Redshrike ( and Midi ( and sunburn ( and Ashiroxzer (, yd (Aleona’s Tales gfx) and knunery ( Great art and inspiration provided by you all, thank you for sharing!!

MANY thanks to all the fans who have contributed ideas, bug reports, and even graphics!
Particular thanks go to Nick Lalonde, Fitzgerald, Henrik Forsman, Jonathan Nemo and Jeff Clark for making pixelart graphics for me to use in DoC, it would not all look so pretty in the castle if they hadn’t chipped in and made some nice tiles where I did not have any suitable ones. Cheers!

And a special THANK YOU to my present and continuing Patreon supporters, who want me to make many more games/expansions! Particular high contributions: William Robert Lee, Nick Lalonde, Justin F, Christian Weightman, Evan Campbell and Eric Arnold. I hope I bring you ever more joy with my games!

Thanks to the Tango Desktop Project which I have used some smiley icons from, they are doing a fabulous job at establishing a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source software.

You can find their work at

If you intend to use any of the artwork in this game you should obtain it from the licence owners above directly and note the applicable licence terms. All other content and artwork that is not the artwork referenced above or on the other credits pages is copyrighted and shall not be used or distributed without my prior explicit written consent.

MANY THANKS TO MY PLAY TESTERS, in particular John ‘squiggy’ May! Also to my brother Peter who was the first to give me brutal but necessary feedback on the feel of the game UI back in 2014. And to Nick Vaz, William ‘turbo’ Eddy and my other colleagues at work who took it for a spin on occasion.

Hope you enjoy the game! Volker Elzner (