UPDATES will be made as required for bug fixing purposes, however it will also be a way by which the content will be expanded.

Since updates are coming frequently and mostly cover content amendments rather than bug fixes, here is a complete changelog for recent changes:


fixes a critical save/load issue with set items since 2.7.100

set and combo effects added:
a) SET ITEMS (such as: new or revamped items that have an extra power effect if worn together)

b) SET SUFFIX / PREFIX: suffix or prefix like “of the moon”, “of the stars”, “of the sun” that exist randomly on different items. If you wield items with all 3, you complete the CELESTIAL SET and get extra bonus stats. That bonus is displayed as a popup. If you ever need to re-read it again, just remove and equip one of the set items. The bonus in detail is not stated (revealed prematurely) in the item descriptions.

c) MULTI EFFECTS: new item condition ‘flint’ which is a bit like iron, however if you wear 2+ items with it, you get fire and lightning damage added!

d) and similar effects. stated as golden hint in the item descriptions.

e) beefed up the SPIDERS CHOKER. now improves nature ally result

f) fixed the dwarven bard and increased skill train limit


– 4 more unlocked birth feats: ‘brawler’ type feats that specialise and encourage melee builds
– new fixed party challenge BRAWLER with above as focus
– hidden secret
– items you can’t find randomly no longer accidentally sell via ‘sell all’
– smaller fixes

fixes an old bug that would turn items red or white when they shouldn’t


Fixes a rare and old bug that may prevent rooms from connecting properly.  Took 4 years to find this elusive one!

– corrects a dungeon room layout that can cause disconnected rooms
– instrument pricing fix
– Veridrac ‘random99’ summon not on edge if an ally
– drop bear pic
– elf bow shop npc pic

A new advanced player class: BARDS!
Accessible from the chapter 2 castle hall, all (!) starter classes can choose to become a bard.
A Bard is versatile, but a master of none. Except … 6 specific bard skills and 16 instrument-based powers. A total of 22 new player actions!
Instruments are the bard insignia items, found in shops and very rarely as loot.
Also added:
– 6 bard-related achievements
– 8 instrument shops
– 7 bard skill trainers
– a unique instrument as arena award
– the SLEEP condition. so far only inflicted by the bard skill, but soon monsters may do it as well. Sleep breaks if hurt.
– lessened JUGGERNAUGHT restriction from ‘no jewelry’ to ‘no rings’
– righteousness feat now gives 10 div/emp for ANY class
– change to MISFITS and MONKEYS and DARK LORD fixed party challenges: lowered their difficulty by 1 and improved the XP cap. Lowered DRAGONS difficulty from 8 to 6.
– undead dragon guardian spawns at zero distance now (intentionally deadly if you can’t handle him)
– added small chance for priest insignia to have a holy curse bonus
– reduced the stun chance for (new) boomerangs from 70% to 62%, and increased the attack time.
– insignia with two rolled boosts to the same stat/skill/spell now show these as ONE line

2.2.400 and 2.2.410:
– new item: ‘Courtland’s Cape’, +5% loot value and a few smaller perks
– fixed a few items’ text display where they had a speed impact disguised as a negative speedmalus.
– fixed quickactions update after Zmaj arena reward
– fixes an issue where class cap is not increased if your spell or skill is increased via your birth feat
– fixed a VERY old visual glitch that caused red inventory item highlights to stick around too long
– other fixes of bugs I was told about. keep them coming !

2.2.300 and 2.2.305
– ‘THE CLAN’ fixed party challenge added. Related achievement unlocks a new ‘EMITTER’ birth feat (granting poison cloud skills)
– fixes an issue where ‘hmm’ sound OFF does not work on next load
– now allows for lower case characters in names
– fixes a bug with the OATH skill
– disallow sp/hp healing via level up btn during combat
– changed assassin guild quest to require 60 species, and yield less xp
– fixed an issue where chain lightning would bounce without anything to bounce off (single target shouldn’t bounce)
– made hell plasma and cryo charge faster to cast
– reduces military training impact from 1.00 to 0.75 per point
– lengthened the destabilise matter spell casting time

– ADVANCED SORTING in shops and inventory/stash. New button that opens extensive dialogue screen for primary and secondary sorting criteria
– HASTE bug fixed (on auto attack behaviours, it could slow instead of hasten)
– the dragon arena now benefits zomok apprentices as well
– you can now turn off ALL ‘hmm’ sounds, covers the dialogue ones, “!” discoveries in walk mode etc. (options page 2)
– there is now an option to allow the game to be running in background on PC/Mac/Linux (page 5 of options), useful for split-screen setups where you do something else at the same time.

– auto steam sync support
– buttons now react visually to mouseover and clicks


– New unique items! SPIDERS CHOKER (chapter 1; adds poison dam, poison resist and some evasion, DEX -2), RING OF THE SNOW OWL (ch 2; magic damage, +1 speed per kill), HELM OF ROSTAM (ch3; lightning damage, high armor, high STR requirement and wearing threshold)
– fixed issues with symbiant restoration-only auto tactics setup
– typos

– tweaked CHAAZ attack powers.
– made the ID price text reappear.

– added SHRAZKIL and CHAAZ lizard combo-bosses.  and spectral wolves as supporting summon.
– redesigned demonic warriors (if you are flanked by three, their attacks are now devastatingly coordinated)
– fixed a nasty bug that made non-boss monsters be treated like bosses and make others flee when they die

– added HAVOC, the boss cat. With a suitable unique loot drop (don’t miss the high threshold attack styles). He is rather nasty if you are not prepared for being crit-hit with cutting edge claws. So be warned and don’t open that door in the warlock’s main hall that he is sitting behind…
– made the chromatic lindworm a notch nastier
– fixed some spelling errors

– ZOMOK’s ARENA (late-game super tough arena, 7 challenges some with multiple waves, unlocked via Zomok’s pets lever and a second ghost-related step): contains three new unique boss dragons, and new attack types
– fixed angered allies from regarding other monsters as their boss
– increased chaos item return rate for stash and inventory (chaos chests)
– fixed an issue with divine empowerment impact in some instances

– introduces a HOLD ITEM function in shops. For a 10% fee, they will make sure an item stays in their stock until you buy it. If you want to hold a different item in the same store, you forfeit the previous fee and hold on that item. Fee paid does not count towards purchase price paid later.
– new option that if enabled prevents you from (accidentally/ever) selling a named item. also excludes them from “sell all” special shop actions
– introduced a carver into the outlaw camp. He can name any item for a price. Re-naming costs more. (He can also carve runes into rune trinkets, but those have not been implemented yet.)
– fixed an issue where dragon cave or floater abyss (or spider lair etc.) could move you prematurely to chapter 3
– corrected the RALLY skill tracking, no longer interferes with RAGE skills
– added a COLOSSAL MANTICORE boss. placed below the castle, locked away for everyone’s safety … VERY tough boss. I hope. Also sprinkled some mobs and chests in the under-castle level.
– new unique item (manticore drop): VIKERKAAR. very expensive/valuable 1h blunt. odd stats. hint: check the weapon attack styles before judging it…
– bug fixes

– more “his/her” fight log text corrections
– fixes an issue for map entry quests if all popups are disabled

– fixes an issue with open geomancer guild quest
– fixes an issue with berserkers will not preventing stun effect

– fixes the equipment of the fellowship gang

– safer randomised dungeon creation routine
– made the bunny (samurai) challenge a notch harder
– clearer fight texts saying you lost some xp because you fled.
– corrected an error in the rally skill formulas

– 3 new skills for KNIGHTS: oath of protection, rally and second wind. Some gained on class change, some have a trainer, some appear on random insignia, some don’t…
– another tweak to knight challenge
– adding a chance to resist stun effects to the BODYCONTROL birth feat
– new option to turn off all popups (map mood, daily skill reset, quests)
– if you are wearing an item with a strength requirement greater than your strength, the speed penalty that has always been applied is now showing in the item text when item is selected

– made the knight solo challenge a fair bit easier.
– made EASY and VERY EASY difficulties a notch easier, they now result in lower monster health
– added a BOSS HELP button to the main menu, giving advice on the 6 toughest monster challenges in the game

– fixes a fight glitch and some auto attack spell glitches

– new birth feat ‘SOUL HARVESTER’ obtained from a fixed party challenge: “LIFESTEAL++, DURING FIGHTS: PER KILL: 5% HP, 5% SP, +2 SPEED, NO TORSO ARMOR, ZERO NIMBLE/DODGE”
– new birth feat ‘FOUL ONE’ obtained from a fixed party challenge: “L/DRAIN DAM+, L/DRAIN RES++, SUMMONS UNDEAD, HP-, SUFFERS HOLY CHANT, NEEDS 2x XP”
– ‘foul one’ has unique access to two skills: summon minor undead (cooldown skill from level 1) and summon major undead (daily skill from level 15). Their power is offset by the feat’s significant xp requirement downside

– giving the ‘fellowship’ fixed challenge a heal insignia for both the ranger and the mage
– fixing a bug where griffins could take you off the fight arena
– rangers now get 2 mana per levelup, not 1
– SYMBIANT birth feat is active, as reward for a fixed party challenge: “CAN EQUIP ANY INSIGNIA ,SP—, HP-, HALF RESISTANCE VS: CRIT, POISON, PARALYSIS”

– fixed an issue with mana overclock cost
– fixed an issue where fixed party challenges would not show if choosing free game slot
– minor other fixes

– after you have finished the game, a new game mode will appear when you start a new game: you can try the game with a preset party, preset difficulty and sometimes cap to achievement xp. Succeeding with any of these trigger new related achievements.
– reduced the array of armor and shields that BA/BE can use. they should bash and kill, not tank and block like a knight.
– added some new shields, will soon be added as unique loot or arena rewards
– lifted str/dex requirements for some powerful armor.
– added a new armor, will soon be added as unique loot or arena reward
– changed both BA and BE level rotation bonus to “str”,”hp”,”armor +8″,”str”,”resist elem +3”,”hp”,”str”
– fixed an issue where offhand weapons were deemed in use when fighting unarmed (fists or cestus/knuckles)
– the rogue in the chapter 1 smuggler village now sells some basic offhand items
– added RAGE to the skills the berserkers train
– fixes speed bonus on juvenator staff
– new boss: draco lich. and in-fight minions and surrounding undead minotaurs. all in new map: crumbling minotaur keep. new boss is the biggest yet and has nasty tactics

– new mob: griffins. appearing in some of the mountain maps now (mountain path, icy valley etc.)
– griffin boss: ROC. with unique loot item
– added a suitable attack for a griffin: picks you up and drops you somewhere else on the battlefield

– added an option (on page 2) to half the volume of the ‘hmm’ sound in the dialogue screen
– added an option (on page 2) to make text in the dialogue box smaller.
– higher armor for the poison drake

– fixed str/dex/lifesteal bonus on offhand weapons
– increase to lizardmen exp

– added lizard men encounters, and a poison drake, to the watery cave (chapter1+)
– dungeon run button is now always hidden in minimap view

– multi choice window key control issue fixed
– multi-door choices bug fixed, used to freeze
– apothecary birth feat item restriction now displays correctly

– the point blank cooldown skill is now usable on auto
– gradually lowered STUN effect where attack has less than half the strength of the target
– you can now compare rings if only the second ring slot is used
– you can now switch between first and second ring in comparison mode
– you can now switch between two swap weapons in comparison mode
– escape key to exit dimensional traders/takers
– beefed up crossbow damages (affects newly found ones)

– offhand items with moderate offensive properties: very class specific though: Main Gauche, SwordBreaker, Carnwennen
– fixed an issue where force damage is overstated for attack stats with items
– gave priest access to mass resist poison spell
– fixed ongoing damage from auto-cast hell plasma
– some minor fixes. and nerved fistfight archmage down again
– dimensional trade input now costs more than 1 talent point if you have obsessed dwarves in your party (they need to overcome their greedy nature each time)

– fixes a display glitch if entire equipment is empty

– the crazy prisoner now tells you if you are on track for the tight-a* achievement
– blood lust now has some life drain resist as well
– made the abandoned mines a bit more interesting… worth clearing them both out now. works on newly rolled dungeons only.
– new keyboard control: space bar now reacts as a WAIT command in world view. if you want to wait a turn to lure monsters closer etc. Otherwise/previously/Touchcontrol effect with same outcome: open inventory and go back out.

– marksmanskill cap fixed for good
– making birth feats more appealing, changes made to:
– JUGGERNAUGHT (added RAGE and BERSERKER WILL skill++. works for new creations only)
– TREE HUGGER (reduced itemslot restriction from 4 to 2. works for pre-existing as well as new players)
– HALFLING and GNOME ANCESTRY: added med/high DODGE skill to benefits (works for new creations only). GNOME: added access to DECOY skill.
– FROST HANDS: added major cold resistance boost (works for new creations only)

– tweaked some more arena challenges
– fixed the marksmanship skill cap

– new NPC: a small white dragon (on warlock islands somewhere…). He has an arena of sorts, not just but particularly relevant to dragon blood players…
– new mob (arena only): Zmaj the 3-headed dragon boss
– more concise advice in the skill screen about whether use, or trainer, or none of those two can raise it (arena impact is not mentioned for summon dragon, on purpose)
– changed the archmage solo challenged, and a few of the others as well. more to come!

– skill descriptions updated
– solo arena challenge tweaking
– skill cap display fixed where birth feats impact class cap
– fixes issue with marksman not gaining full marksmanship skill + on levelup

– MARKSMANSHIP skill. not trainable, but rather increasing with archer/marksman level, and to lesser extent ranger and samurai. increases ranged physical damage based on excess accuracy, and skill proficiency. this skill is given to existing parties on next load. Since bonus damage depends on the accuracy of each shot (which in itself varies depending on whether you use maximum range of your weapon or less), it is not showing in the attack stats. The skill is designed to make the archer class more attractive mid and late-game.
– fixed a bug that caused non-bleeding allies to bleed
– allies now get properly removed when dying from poison or bleeding
– added a button to move to end of inventory/stash
– fixed an error in the military training formula
– fixed identifying of cestus/knuckles in shops
– fixed obsessed dwarf gold plus text

– made the hp loss from negative birth feats small
– added feat categories, and an unlockable category chooser

– unarmed attack style selection fix

– fixed the short visual disappearing of secret passage notifications when triggered

– added a missing archmage achievement

– fixed an issue with dead players showing up in arena challenges
– fixed an issue where non-allowed spells would still deduct mana and cost time
– added over a dozen class specific single-player arena challenges in Tartessos
– added 5 new unlockable birth feats as reward for those arena challenges

– added items that count as enhancing unarmed combat: cestus and knuckles. shop for those is in Tartessos, but they also randomly pop up everywhere like other items.

– added an unlock able inter-dimensional ( = across savegames) item selling option
– fixed an issue with bloodlust life drain damage replacing instead of supplementing item life drain damage
– made xp level requirements a notch lower, most helpful in the level 40-70 bracket
– lessened some xp reductions that applied to monster kills in high difficulty settings

– SURRENDER button in fights, for those stalemate stun-lock scenarios, or death in a no-death attempt
– fix for nature ally trainer class cap
– minor fixes for text and visuals and skills not supposed to show in map view

– new nature ally trainer
– fix that could wrongfully cause an arena death count as player death for achievement purposes

– longer map note texts, and commas usable
– he/she wording on levelup
– backup naming
– map notes naming

– quick actions have number on them now
– name input now works again

2.0.237 to 242:
– key controls fixed after magical barrier hit

– ENTER key issue fixed

– fixed nature ally wyrm spawn
– fixed summon demon names

– endgame achievement failsafe check

– added jake the zombie

– options page 7 has CPU setting now.  If phone gets hot or you want to preserve battery, reduce it.
– many performance tweaks. However, if you have memory shutdowns, (A) BACKUP!, (B) close and restart app after 1 or 2 hours, (C) activate ‘reduced map size’ on page 7, (D) experiment if lower CPU helps
– ignite/rupture formulas for overclock fixed
– can solve elf assassination dilemma after saying NO or when not answering at all yet
– poison enhancer in catacombs now works again in ch3

– 2 more healing NPCs added
– cleaned up a lot of code and Unity features that should bring speed and memory use back to normal (pre 2.0.075 days). Any crash (memory shutdown) issues please let me know via email or FB

– cleaned up some variable coding things, hopefully improving memory performance
– more NPCs that heal.

– archmage guild quest works for those that had the no-first-node glitch
– death penalty messages now work again

– big underlying engine upgrade. If you see your savegames have disappeared: DONT PANIC. go to options page 7, click debug info button and make a screenshot and send to me via Facebook. the file locations have been changed (not by me, by Android) and the app is trying what I consider the old and new possible locations.
– new insignia trader in Tartessos.
– many minor fixes
– more keyboard controls in preparation for other platforms, but usable by anyone with keyboard

– council murder quest reward, with new map and mobs
– ch3 achievement set reward added

– chapter3 start cinematics can now be skipped if you have seen them before.
– fixing some quest reward triggers, including nasty archmage guild bug that lets you skip 1st node quest
– the council quest now states it can’t be finished yet

– snake loot
– mana regen bug in arenas
– some quest reward tags fixed
– changed poison formulas for 100% resistance
– fixed issue where losing demon control turns ALL allies into enemy demons
– golems summoned when there are already golems controlled are now progressively weaker in life-force. degree depends on spell level, difficulty and golem count.
– fixed missing catacomb ooze enhancer

– bugfixes

– FABACB riddle made easier through NPC

2.0.012 and 2.0.020
– ally bug fixed

– chapter 3 public release, with achievements and few more NPC, no WARP

– bug fixes, lightsources, TRAZ the slithering evil, a nice sword as her treasure …
– cleared old remnants of Zomok temple inhabitants, and fixed the exit target
– solved quest issues with requesting supplemental portal access too early
– death in chapter 3 now evokes the stated small but cumulative penalties to health, mana, str, dex, accuracy, evasion, AC, resistances, cit hit, etc. to make deaths matter.
a new rare axe
EXCEPT FOR removing the beta test WARP and adding the council murder quest reward, this is it. but I will add more things after this of course, including some unique horse mobs with lore behind them and a few other things.

– multiple respawning sub-lairs of ‘dark invokers’ added to the deep dwarf mine
– updated ch2 and ch3 end screens. should read fine, please advise if not
– many many small fixes

– dragonborn ally. but he checks your past honesty …
– LOTS to do in Tartessos, city is now basically finished. Lots of NPCs I can give quests and background later, but for now it is done.
– geomancer ally (in Tartessos)
– fight arena in elven inner city added
– castle city populated. including topless bar staff, and more arena challenges.
– wizard ally. Thereby 12 allies complete.

– str bonus for weapons now capped at twice str requirement. encourages very strong players to use very big weapons
– added DIVINE EMPOWERMENT skill. does not change from use or training. Represents divine power ‘level’. Increases effect of HEAL spells and skills. Druid 0, Monk 5, Cleric 20, Exorcist 20, Priest 60. Each point improves heal effect by 1.5%.
– Intended: priests can be awarded further increase through divine quests.
– divine emp. +10 given from righteousness class feat if monk or cleric
– retro-fitted to existing parties on next game load
– General mark-down of all healing effects by 30%
– samurai ally now properly shows in druid cove
– dwarf geomancer updated
– secret geomancer teleport power activated.

– all NPC links should work now
– updated Zomok temple map now exists.
– samurai ally added

– another dwarven ally
– some smaller things I don’t want to give away 😎
– river city updated.
– outpost updated.
– many cleanups and minor work

– SLOW spell, TIME SHIFT spell and DESTABILISE spell. All the expertise of archmages
– archmage guild !
– fixes to fight difficulty warnings and assessment. wrong assessments granted wrong xp.
– time shift book is now in a chest in a previously added ch3 boss monsters room.

– mountain path map (with changes) is now open
– dragon cave is accessible again, but original entry point has been blocked… and a mysterious lever appeared. one half of a puzzle
– outlaw camp is open. has berserker camp, and the assassin’s new favourite friend (enhancer)
– icy valley is open. with some ice titans, a giant ice troll and ice acolyte and deserted ice temple. and ultimately option for giant ice troll ally
– catacombs is open, and with it a nasty poison boss
– samurai dude is back, few unique items for mini bosses

– exorcist ally
– cleric bookstore, cl/ex/pr insignia shop
– summon demon spell can now go horribly wrong. about 1/6 chance like before that the summoned demon turns against you. Then another % chance (higher if there are more demon allies or the failed one is big) to see if he succeeds to break your control of all the others. So they can all turn against you in a sudden.
– using exorcist on any mob by any player while the party has demon allies will turn them all against you
– holy chant now does ongoings undead damage against allies (demons) as well
– jaimar the wizard (and his guild) are back, in the castle city
– warrior guild guy is back, in castle city
– Ozob the warrior is now an lockable ally, needs arena challenge completed

arena in castle city that has other adventurers as enemies
priest NPC + guild + craft + HOLY FIREBALL spell obtainable, in castle city
fixed the invisible war ogres
thief / graffiti artist, somewhere around the castle. also good trainer for certain skills

everything WARLOCK: guild, insignia, book store, arena … and pictures!

dwarf ally, elf ally
ranged trainer with 2 new marksman skills, in castle city
half a dozen new spells. 3 can now be gained as rewards in the geomancer fight arena
fixed archmage’s portal quest issues, which was formula error, could have screwed up other quest tracking (sorry)

– arch lich dungeon

ally death and hp bar now work correctly


– better nature ally outcome (arctodus and wyrm sooner)
– decoy can now be precisely placed
– other fixes

– save/load safety switch now blocks the other portion respectively
– introduced a DELETE SAVEGAME option. first need to enable in options, then in the load/new game menu you can delete savegames.
– fixed a bug that would remove the teleport point DOWN into a Bertelis tunnel.
– HEALING AURA and RESTORATION now properly work as auto heal actions.
– xp fight display now correctly shows reduced XP where it is reduced due to 2-cap level rule (actual XP gained was already correct, just not the display)
– fixed a bug where your stun ticker could accidentally become your poison ticker (and kill you sometimes.)
– changed the maximum stun a player or monster can receive from a physical hit (to twice his move speed/time)
– added a new golem arena challenge, including a fan-based boss end wave (kickstarter/patreon reward)

– ENHANCEMENTS. magical and non-magical ways to improve your items. Visit the smiths, wizards, and craftsman to see who can enhance your items! Number of enhancements possible depends on the craftsman and the effect, and some cost just gold while other cost talent points or more! Enhancements are PERMANENT, so choose wisely.

– made it less likely that people get stuck in auto-save end fight: no longer saves when going down chasm, and if found a savegame is there, chooses a different spawn point on load


– added an elven trainer for higher level of POINT BLANK SHOT skill
– gnome ancestry now works with mages and clerics
– small changes to lighting in indoor habitats
– fixed an issue with item creation resistance calculation where there are double benefits to one resistance
– many new cool player pics to choose from, covering race and gender varieties. Thanks to Kevin Fitzgerald for those!


– you no longer find useless spell book duplicates (instead find lower level of same spell. if all lower levels also owned, find nothing)
– fixes an issue with lvl 40+ exp requirements. triggered high xp requirement is adjusted on next load.
– with elven ancestry / intellect / carrie birth feat you are now ensured at least 3 / 4 / 3 mana gain on levelup
– changed item name display for NEW items. shows full item class now.
– added mana overclock trainers: Parnosz and Jaimar
– casting RESTORE on an ally works now
– you can no longer cast heal/restore/resist on a decoy

– new DECOY skill, for rogues and assassins. creates a passive detraction for mobs to focus on. lasts until destroyed. number of daily uses and decoy health depends on skill level. pre-existing parties get a starting proficiency for any rogue or assassin on next load, but need to wait for daily skill reset to use.
– added a properly potent RESTORATION spell, basically a MAJOR HEAL that heals a lot and deals with conditions like poison. Also nerved down the higher tiers of the normal HEAL spell. you want high end healing? consider a priest. HEAL now heals an amount based on spell level, not much relation to target’s max health. so useful in early stages not the end boss fights. RESTORATION heals 20-25% of health and minimum 400-600 so useful in all stages. existing priests get start proficiency on next load, all future priests get on guild change.
– MANA OVERCLOCK daily skill for mages. with ~double time cost and ~3-5 times mana cost, can cast a damage fight spell at higher damage output (3 times+)
– MILITARY TRAINING passive skill for fighter, knight, warrior. increases physical melee damage 1% per proficiency point
– MAGIC LORE now increases spell damage 1% per proficiency, and also mana funnel damage.
– corrected a formula that deals with beyond-classcap skill/spell advancement
– fixed a bug that made cooldown skills not be used despite them being in quick action bar

– fixed an issue with fight boundaries

– new auto attack behaviour controller: do not use cooldown skills that are NOT in the quick action bar of that player
– nature ally skill at super high levels (9+) can now result in a WYRM ally appearing
– nature ally is now a bit easier to advance
– summon dragon can at super high levels now cause an undead dragon ally to appear
– ‘tight-arse’ achievement. if you start a new party in this version and complete the game without purchasing any items, you get a +10% loot value achievement. does not work/apply to savegames in place before 1.9.590
– made the lich better at noticing players that are sneaking

expanded the river city arena challenges, and made them all a notch harder. but now together they have a birth feat achievement: DISPLACED.
fixed some minor issues with arena reward (the B.B.B.Bow) and arena movement and spells of mobs (lava)
player feats impacting health or mana now more correctly impacts level gains as well
experience gained by any player in a single combat is now capped at what it takes him/her to gain 2 levels
the crazy prisoner in the outlaw camp now states player deaths count, for those chasing the latest crazy achievement

– arena fighting! in the chapter 1 the starter cave has some basic fight practice offered by Wortas, and the river city in chapter 2 offers a fight arena once you re-establish the pub.
– skills and spells improve normally during arena fights, unless the aran challenge has been completed previously
– new achievements: zero death count up to chasm fight win (end of regular game), and <10 deaths. they both trigger new rare birth feats as well that you can use once the achievement is completed. One grants 35-50% shop price discounts for the party, per popular fan request.
– map notes! you can note make a note in the minima view, and colour code it and annotate it, and then zoom back to it later. good for missed doors or mob spawners you want to come back to.
– levers! USE function can set levers which alters maps, so will eventually be used to make puzzles and open doors/gates.
– more stats shown in character creation summary/end screen
– preparations for extra long device screens
– poison dark auto spell choice now selectable in all instances
– added an ERASE MAP KNOWLEDGE performance option, as this reduces savegame file size and computation memory drain. Could potentially help lower memory devices reduce crash occurrence
– fixed an issue with baby floaters spawning n groups of trolls
– fixed resist evil spell wording in fight log
– Upon popular request: SPECTRAL DRAGONS! even nastier than golden dragon and diamond dragon.
– POISON DART can now be chosen as auto attack spell. if not in range, the actor advances towards the enemies.

– modified the fight speed formulas for attacks and moves. found a few things I wanted to tweak AND found a genuine error where monster’s SLOW curse would actually speed you up. Guys can no longer get unlimitedly fast (which was never intended, but simply not tested > level ~60 or so).
– class change will now trigger unsuitable equipment to be removed
– for those finding themselves BEHIND Kratos’ corpse, there is now an emergency teleport out of the cave
– no longer any accidental wizard insignia created that give berserker will skill+
– upon popular demand: a monk can now become an exorcist !
– every item the diamond dragon drops now has a 5% chance of being geomancer crystals. because some people sold all 13 sets before noticing the pub quest.
– Parnosz got reported in, now he can no longer charge 1 gold for supposedly ‘free’ ID’ing
– magic lore skill and spell books owned now contribute to slight improvement in from-use spell proficiency gain
added one undead dragon guard to Zomok’s pets area. so the tough grind for a vengeance spawn is not required
– made sure item highlights (red) in inventory screen work properly
– fixed an issue where corrupted items can occur on shield changes

fixed a bug where you cast holy ward on an ally and fight freezes
minor syntax fixes
beach tile arena visuals fixed
targeted shoots (wisp, pixies) now work again
nature ally few TREE HUGGER now also gets you an overriding class cap of 99 irrespective of class.

berserkers now train 2h blunt and 2h axe skill. at high levels.
if you solo play, you now get a better chance at picking locks
fixed bugs in the epic dragon fights. hopefully all of them.

– new high-end boss location. contains rare demigod dragons
– made sure you cannot stun someone if your damage is zero
– divine favor now has many possible outcomes. healing, resist+armor buff, enemy undead damage, speed buff/debuff, holy ally
– some unarmed techniques now have stun and/or bleed chance (low though)
– minor fixes and typos

fixed issue where EXP achievement % is used for loot value gain instead of LOOT achievement %
when clicking ACHIEVEMENTS button in log view (with a party loaded, not from main menu), it now checks against those parties’ discoveries and kills to see if any achievements are now fulfilled
achievement popup now more golden colour

achievements! accessible in LOG screen. They are permanent, irrespective of savegames. They do not retrospectively update, you need to perform the task after 1.9.90 update is run.
unlockable birth feats and loot % / EXP % bonuses
One unlock able birth feat has a ‘summon dragon’ skill

– bug fix where summoned ally being attacked by lifesteal attack would freeze the fight
– intro button to take you to the DARK SIDE spinoff post/announcement
and if you missed 1.9.70:

ALLIES in fights: most common way to see this in action is the new NATURE ALLY skill for rangers (and less so, druids on rare occasions)
6 more savegame slots
in indoor maps, the ‘till sunrise’ rest option is now replaced with ‘till skill reset’

– DISPEL spell for wizard (and mage/geomancer at lesser extent). can dispel some of the active fight effects, whether good or bad. is granted on guild entry to wizard, and spell books now spawn as well
– HOLY WARD daily skill for cleric. shelters the target for a period of time from any negative effect from active fight spells (those listed in grey in top left of arena view), while receiving all positive ones. trainer for this is the cleric in the cave, but costly and only rudimentary.
– resist spells now last longer, mostly at higher levels though
– option to decide what you party icon looks like (on page 5 of the options)
– fixed a bug where a player dying from poison when others had already fled will crash the fight
– dodge skill can now slowly advance from use.
– “of stoning” items no longer spawn as that damage/effect is not implemented yet
– mobs calling for help will no longer get help in unlimited amounts unless reasonable in the circumstances.
– scaled down endure elements skill for higher difficulty levels
– nerfed down shadow pixie magic damage
– it is now more dangerous being flanked by 3 or 4 enemies as their crit chance goes up (if their attack had at least a small crit chance in the first place). you still get a full crit resist check though to avoid it. same applies to monsters being flanked by 3 or more players (and small effect if by 2)
– new birth feats (won’t give too much away): halfling ancestry, gnomish ancestry,
– made some more belt types available for monks
– high STR and DEX still increases resistances, but no longer unlimited. max resistance boost from STR/DEX alone (before item bonuses and on top of birth start stats) is now (38 – difficulty). Difficulty is 1-8 with 8 being suicidal. So on suicidal, it caps at a resist bonus of 30 which you reach with a strength of about 28. On normal, it cap at 35 which you get at strength of 31.
– noticed a mistake in the character generation values for speed. came up too high in some cases. will no longer occur for any new character created from now on.
– new feats! and slight changes to dynamo and node master feat, now both have some resistance downsides
– wiki help button for FEATS now also included in character creation screen
fixed an issue for passive skill gains not causing skill increases
nerfed skill and spell gain in super long fights
many smaller fixes (no escape skill gain, unarmed damage STR impact, capped the additional STUN chance bonus you can get from strength above and beyond the items original blue to an extra 15%, disabled stun chance % bonus from strength for slings)
archer in cave now trains a bit of determination
STR now has a good impact on unarmed damage
assassin guild quest goal is now 50 mon type kills, not 40
shadow pixies (and some treasure) in lava cave off-path
bloated zombies in island map
frost zombies in icy cave and icy valley
adjusts accuracy factor for backstab. now a sure hit as intended, and resistable crit hit
changed stock in elf city
made sure multi map spawners (like gnome burrows and troll lairs) don’t remain invisibly there
fixed issue with SWAP routine
fixed certain insignias being created for invalid spells

swap weapons in inventory now works properly
new skill acquired/trained (like weapon swap) now shows the skill with pic (instead of unknown) in skill summary view
higher chance of mercenaries (with conjurors or archers) to spawn at edge of elf forest
fire bolts shot from some monsters used to miss when not intended to do so, fixed now
tweaked the crude revival technique just make sure it always grants at least 1 hp
DODGE skill. passive, adds to evasion score. with a high class cap, and considerable starting skill, for monks and rogues.
fixed the messages when using a weapon swap skill without having 2 eligible weapons readied
BACKSTAB skill for rogue. 100%hit. 100% crit chance but resistable by target. only against flanked adjacent targets, using non-ranged weapons

shield stat now properly calculate again
made it more likely to find minor insignia in the orc huts (chests)
meteor spell damage no longer boosted by holy chant boost
few typos and minor fixes

added the WEAPON SWAP skill. the main user is the ranger, but at low proficiency a fighter can also train in this a bit. Allows for 1h weapons or ranged weapons to be available for a quick swap during combat. The off-hand item slot is used for this, so no shield is usable while you have a bow or 2nd weapon ready. Trainers: Bertelis in the castle (a lot) and Wortas in shelter (just to 1)
fixes an issue with monster groups from previous map causing spawn count issues. If DELUON the evil tree or another boss monster did not appear, this may fix it. Else please let the developer know over the Facebook group.
added a class specific help link/button to the character generation screen

XP formula has been fixed, XP requirement is no longer reducing in some levels
Deluon is now throwing boulders to back rows even if players are adjacent, and his wolves can come from all sides, and <50% health he can summon one huge bear
ranger can now join marksman guild. still working on his weapon-swap skill, that will come in one of the next updates. that will be his initial expertise: melee and ranged mixed capabilities
archer (and marksman) can now use a daily skill ‘flame arrows’ which adds fire damage to your next few shots. archers will have a small proficiency from the start, and the bowman in the shelter, village and elf city can also train.
made sure Kratos is firing lightning balls throughout fight and not just before people get close to him
in-fight change to fight auto speed now possible
about a 50% boost to duration of spell based buffs such as resist spells or haste

fixed an issue with avatar insignias in the insignia shop
fixes issue with pictures in quick action selection screen
fixes issue with Daklos pub quest

nerfed down Ryld side-spawns
improved evasion of chapter 2 monsters (saw hit rates of 100% for many players in Evan’s videos. Not acceptable)
adding a few more random encounters to overworld maps. easy for starter island, more tougher for icy valley and mountain path. huge bears for the mountains, and more mercenaries and archers and conjurers for the green valley around the elf forest.
fixed an issue with light being cast when daylight option is OFF
removed Kickstarter button in favour of play through video button
TAUNT skill now has a noticeable chance to prevent monsters from favouring to flee the fight

fixed the ‘not defined’ attack message after using ignite or magic rupture auto
nerfed down shadow beast. a bit.
fixed fight log showing one page too much
fixed ‘dark channeling’ messages
replaced lave flow tiles with simple stone tiles for fight arena visuals
fixes an issue of duplicate monster counts
adds fight arena variable layout: ground, trees, rubble etc.
an EXIT button for Android, from the main menu

added ant colony and queen
nerfed down the lich (teleport frequency, spectre spawn frequency etc)
made vs. undead ranged weapons more likely to spawn
added bow maker quest, yielding a vs undead bow
fixes cooldown time of mana funnel
fixed an issue where monster groups could become invisible

fixed occasional hang on dungeon creation
fixed the health recovery from a blood fountain
fixed issues with item prices
grey view on known blocked map tiles now works in daylight OFF mode
auto heal now properly triggers spell advancement
graphical glitch in beholder abyss
previously seen map areas are now visible (greyed, but without monsters) and clickable!
dynamo damage fix, and now scales slightly with level
the dummy ‘bent dagger’ created when item creation specs fail now works properly
fixes the insignia gained on wizard guild join
fixed the wisp so he does not suffer ‘vs undead’ damage effects

fixed an issue with sparta+ loot values
made ALL savegames now save as extra files. should make it all even safer to handle for the app, and quicker to perform a save.

you can now BACKUP and RESTORE from a file saved separately to ‘Playerprefs’. More functionality to follow later.
auto tactic ‘heal’ now works just with proficiency in healing aura
auto fight attack spell can no be IGNITE, MAGIC RUPTURE OR METEOR
elder dragons can now appeal to ZOMOK for vengeance when close to defeat. Can cause an ancient dragon or undead dragon to appear. Very good loot but quite dangerous!
fixed an issue with levelling up dead characters
daily uses left for a skill is now displayed in the skills section for a player
fixed an issue with item highlights if you moved them from inv to stash
shop item replenishment fine-tuned
better loot (value) for sparta+ difficulty
made sure target attack clicks in fights work properly
corrected the way spell increase > class cap work
tunnels are not fully revamped, but some first incremental changes have been made.


older Posts:

Unity edition, version 1.9.330 is live and stable

I am most focussed on chapter3 expansion work as well as a ‘Dark Side’ spinoff (see details HERE), but changes below were made that had accumulated through feedback.  Some smaller other ones I am still working through.

Unity edition, version 1.9.210 is live and stable

After many smaller updates that fixed bugs and introduced new features and skills, 1.9.210 is out and stable and probably a version that will stand for a fair bit of time.  I am now focussed on chapter3 expansion work as well as a ‘Dark Side’ spinoff (see details HERE).

Unity edition, version 1.5.10 is live

Uses a clean savegame approach, but old savegame files were not deleted, if there are any remaining issues with savegames let me know.  And please use the backup functionality.  Still working on iCloud support to be added soon.

Also fixed the hang on dungeon creation.  Previously there was a ~50% chance that abandoned mine or the castle DEPTH dungeons (and a few minor others) could hang on first entry (or RE-entry in case of the DEPTH one when it is reset for another 15,000 gold).

Also introduces option (ON by default) to have previously known map areas shown as grey, and clickable for pathfind-walking.

Unity edition, version 1.4.10 is live 

It resolves a bug that made savegames disappear in 1.3.60.  If you are experiencing savegames that have gone or are showing with 6 fighters at level 0, then don’t do any saving or changes, please close the app and upgrade to 1.4.

Version 1.3.50 is live on Apple store and without known bugs or crash issues.

Brought with it a number of changes:

– BACKUP and RESTORE to mitigate rare file corruption issues
– auto tactic ‘heal’ now works just with healing aura, more auto fight spell choice
– elder dragons can now appeal to ZOMOK the dragon god for vengeance…
– fixed an issue with levelling up dead characters, and item highlights, shop replenishment, target clicks, advancement over class cap.
– daily uses left now displayed
– better loot (value) for sparta+ difficulty
– first changes to castle tunnels (more to come)



44 thoughts on “UPDATES

  1. Just finish chap 1. Might go n check in on spider boss after missing on it. Thanks for your post volker.

    Have a few thoughts on game:
    1) the Orc lairs I basically ended up mopping up 6/7 of lairs trying to kill both bosses. I left the last one cuz it’s tad too grindy and a slog to plough through it. On some the pathing can be narrow and one way and dungeon could be huge and what’s really unbearable at some point is the quick battles against one Orc . Lessening mob encounter or eliminating such ‘meaningless’ one Orc encounter could go a long way toward lessening the grinding ordeal I’d experienced

    2) loss of tactical challenge as game goes on. I play on the highest difficulty always and other than one or 2 boss battle and the beginning dungeons or 2 as the game progresses I’m finding the game got too easy as to render most if not all auto battle rather staid. See 1) where situational happenstance could make things a tad unbearable. I see 2 ways to improve on it
    A) bump up the difficulty on highest tier a notch or two. This would have minimal deterrence to newcomers to this game who would play on normal I assume

    B) instead of whole sale difficulty level changes , having variety in monster design ( great range damage spells damage or cursing abilities ) will liven up battles and keep player interested. Some variety on terrain generation , such as having to go roundabout to reach ranged foes whilst rocks n trees deters the party archer , could up the tactical edge of some common battles.

    3) make firing off a selected spell possible in auto combat. My Druid sorta converts into a slinger and my Mage is way behind in exp presumably due to lack of damage n kills just doing mana funneling. Having the option would help ramp up spell use especially useful on Druids. As of now , see pt1 and pt2, short of 1 or 2 unique battles ie living tree, boss battle etc, there is no necessity to use manual control at all.

    4) suggestion to leave a red dot on mini map to indicate where the exit points like stairs are. Some huge dungeons could get bewildering on the small auto map and looking for a way back could be frustrating as your ‘recall’ of world around couldn’t get anymore unhelpful if you can’t pinpoint the important exit. Also, if not planned maybe a Mage spell to teleport to dungeon exit could be added as a fine , albeit slightly meta gaming, utility spell 😉

    5) I think gold prevalence in game is not an issue so toning down loot drop off enemies may be better. Off orcs especially. You could balance things up on quality over quantity of enemy loot. Sifting through , extra clicking after battles is not funny when you know all loot is likely to be consigned to the stash bin for sale but you still feel compelled to check each and every loot just in case the gods decree it’s your day to have a godly loot 😉

    Off my heads these are the feedback I can say. Will post if I have more to say


    • congratulations!

      very good feedback, will take it all in and see what I can incorporate. Definitely hear you re ORCS and DIFFICULTY. Good point also on the map exit. A random dungeon leaves too little features to interpret the map, I will see what I can do.

      Most of all, as the first to complete Chapter 1, you have earned yourself a reward: you can choose to be named as one of the villains (or NPCs) in Chapter 2. Please state your preferred name + form. Chapter 2 will for example contain a master warrior, First Knight, Beholder, etc.

      Please note based on your descriptions to date, you have not yet found the DRAGON yet. Have a look for him in the mountain to the south west (not the volcano cave though, that would be too easy…). Did you encounter the evil tree in the middle of the map? The boss spider may no longer be much of a challenge for you by what you have described, however visiting her cave is nevertheless rewarding…

      I would be very grateful if you could promote the game by spreading the word. The bigger the player base, the more motivated I will be to spend time on future Chapters !

      There are forums where developer posts are seen as spam (RPGFan.com, Gamespot.com, etc.), but if you have a first person experience how the game feels and compares, I think that would be promotional gold.



  2. Also I’m looking forward to chap2 and I’m thinking content wise it would be a huge addon compared to chapter 1? Chap 1 has a lot of empty marked ? on the skill and spell tabs for one.

    I’m clearly looking at the various advance classes like utilizing all those saved-up Tp on my severely gimped monk on his samurai alter ego, discovering powerful spells and skills, having more interesting npcs and just hiking off into the unknown to find some reclusive master trainer heh.


    • You can email me suggestions to dungeonsofchaos (at) gmail.com. I always make big designs (story, distribution of trainers etc.) on paper first, so while I have designed 1/3 of it already, because it is not built yet the entire Chapter2 can accommodate fan feedback and suggestions. Includes everything from skills, spells, NPC, side quest, off-track location, map design, monster behaviour.

      The key cornerstones for Chapter 2 are:

      – reconnect with the survivors of the castle siege. Class change possible to warrior and knight. train fight skills
      – find a second (retired) archmage. Get some books to learn some spells.
      – first contact with evil hordes. badass encounter. fast melee fighters and ranged fire ball throwers. curse spells.
      – introduce more/better obstacles in fight arena to 1) allow for more line-of-sight relevance and cover. 2) lower the situational power of long range attackers
      – make obstacles in fight arena manipulatable. a spell to create an ice block (druid) or force field (mage) in the way.
      – try and solve missions in the outside world away from the castle: solve the main storyline mystery. Find the druid’s cove. class change to geomancer possible.

      Chapter 2 or 3:

      – if I manage to code it: cursed items. problem is my prefix/suffix is currently not designed to have many negative attributes. So I will possibly introduce a ‘cursed’/’uncursed’ flag and that flag than randomises ALL sorts of individual negative effects.
      – skill to remove cursed item (beef up importance of cleric/priest/monk). Can NOT un-curse the item itself. I found that too powerful in other games. To un-curse an item is the same power as to enchant an item. Too powerful.
      – Deities/altars to get items enhanced.

      Let me know your ideas!


  3. Stumbled upon this game yesterday evening after trying to find a rogue-like/ultima style game for the iPad. Played the first mission on the ‘Lite’ edition from the Archmage killing all the rats in the lower cave and was that impressed with the layout, character interaction and battle interface that I bought the game for a good price (£1.99). The only downside was I had to replay that level as there is no option to transfer a saved game from the lite to full version. Although this was not really an issue (I had played less than an hour at this point) I could see more cautious buyers getting further into the lite edition and being frustrated at buying the full and having to start right back at the beginning.

    One other suggestion at this stage is because the game resolution is quite high on the iPad, it makes the virtual arrow keys quite small and cumbersome in the bottom left for moving the character around the screen. Could there be a main menu option to make these arrow keys bigger/smaller?

    Other than that I have been thoroughly impressed (being a fan of RPGs from Ultima, Kayden Garth, TES, DQ, FF series this is quite a compliment 😉 ) I am surprised there are no reviews in the app store for this game. I will make sure you get 5 stars from me 🙂


    • Glad you like it! 😎

      There is an option for bigger directional arrows, hit the OPTIONS button (cogwheel symbol) and at the bottom you can change from normal to large. Let me know if there are any issues with that still.

      The reviews are by region so always in need for people from all parts of the world to leave a review. Thanks!

      Check out the sneak peek page as well, Chapter2 development is well underway.



      • Oh thanks 🙂 I’ll have a look when I get home from work. Will be spreading the word about this game to others. Hope you get a good following and keep on adding content. 5 Star review will be in the post 😉


  4. Volker,

    Love the game and just downloaded the update a few days ago, but now I can’t access the game with either of my saved versions. The game loads as normal, but all of the option buttons are gray, instead of brown like the were. I can select “saved game” and then choose one of the two that I have saved. It appears to load the game and shows the window that says “game loaded….touch to start”. When I touch the screen, the screen goes dark and then bounces me back to my desktop. Have you heard of this happening to anyone else? If so, is the a fix?

    Thank you,



    • Very odd. No, have not seen or heard this before. The button images have been slightly changed to use white instead if red fonts.
      It sounds like a crash but it happens so early in the piece that it is hard for me to tell what this could be. Many people have updated and it worked fine. If you have a free slot, does it work fine if you start a new game on that? Then save+load?

      You can email me any other details you have at dungeonsofchaos @ gmail.com.

      For example: what location does it show on top of the savegames before you load them?


    • You must have played and saved a long time ago as I found a very old save game of mine that does the same. At least I am 90% sure this would be the cause. Will need a day to tinker with it and ten submit as 1.3.2. Sorry for the inconvenience, Volker


  5. Volker,

    Thanks for the quick replies. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I tried a new game and everything worked fine, including saving and reloading. The old games were from a few months ago, so that must be the cause. I really don’t want to lose them because both parties have a suit of titanscale armor waiting for the time when someone can use it :). I look forward to the next update and will make sure I keep up with the latest updates in order to avoid this in the future.

    Thanks again for your help and for a great game. It really scratches my gaming itch when I can’t get together with my friends to roll some dice.



    • Apple review and release daily. I submitted 2.0.3 on 3rd June. Based on appreviewtimes.com it should come through in the next 48 hours. Fingers crossed!


      • Cheers, been playing the game eagerly these 2 days haha and haven’t found any game breaking bugs.
        I must say, some early impression here after traipsing about with my rag tag band has been that game seem much fuller content wise, and some polish given to the in-game map and the quest maps have been a step in the right direction by giving help/ hints to players feeling somewhat deterred by visuals.

        Another factor in i feeling more involved in playing is that the difficulty seemed nicely bumped. Thanks in large part to mobs having universal high resistance to pierce, my archer no longer boss combat on auto mode and even common mobs require certain degree of manual control when the ai decide to do some weird pathing especially. Lol.

        Lastly, some combat balancing. I’m much in early game yet, but been testing some spells with insignias n because I have quite some tp saved just for this. Even fully bumped to lv 5 or 6 , most damage spells pale in damage output (100+ Per shot against mob with average to low resistance) . I’ve noticed magic users have been taken the backseats and ,surprisingly, can’t quite match up to melees in dishing out pain. It’s quite going against the grain as one would expect these guys to put out the fireworks and do the real business as they are the ones most likely of requiring rests after each battle for mana recovery.
        Instead we have melees who can tear up the field at will all day requiring no rest if they have some healing to keep going.

        It’s still early stages in the game as I’d said. I’m hoping the spells to be uncovered in game will enable to casters to gain at least an equal footing, if not more, on the damage charts.at present,they are largely consigned to roles of utility casters, until physical immune mob pops up.


      • Thanks for all the feedback!
        Balancing is my weakest point at this stage. But a few notes:
        – advanced classes get access to higher level spells which make a difference. However a NEW wizard is not as powerful as an EXPERIENCED wizard so this will come over time. Few examples: the wizard insignia may give you METEOR or MAGIC RUPTURE. the former is very potent with single target damage and some slight surrounding STUN. I think I use level 3 and it does 300-600 on SPARTA difficulty. Probably 1000 on normal. The latter does serious damage to all monsters for a very long time.
        – a wizard can max out a few spells at level 8 to 10. Fire spot or magic missile can deal ~150 at those levels. My wizard can kill a spectre with 2 magic missiles. A monster that caused many problems earlier in the storyline.
        – geomancer can do similar but also get access to DARK CHANNELING (the only quick way to replenish mana in battle) and max out elemental spells or POISON DART. A monster is as good as dead if it has little poison resistance and gets a level 8 poison dart.
        Overall, spellcasters are harder to ‘execute’ and won’t do any good in auto. But I don’t want to boost the capabilities of auto, that somehow feels too non-retro. Will add auto-heal soon though.

        Overall by the sounds of it you should play on SPARTA difficulty. Lots of fun. See how your melee fighter fares when surrounded just by 3 fast-healing trolls (a mob that looks like low risk…). On SPARTA mode there are multiple rolls for monster count and highest is chosen, mobs have higher hp, and many other elements are tweeted against your favour.

        And melee fighters may get into trouble of they come too close to certain enemies at that difficulty. Minotaurs crit you, wights touch you, … Or you can’t get close enough to get rid of Peary ranged mobs (baby beholders seem cute until you have 20 gazes on you…).

        Thanks again for the feedback, keep me in the loop how it feels!


  6. That really sounds good . I’ll be looking forward to raising my wizard and using all those spells you mentioned !

    I’m already playing on Sparta mode.im not exaggerating when I say my fighter is already dealing 600-1000+ per hit on this level, thanks to the incredible gore strike. Critical goes to 3000+.I could auto him n not really worry him facing 2trolls as most are down in 1-2 hits. (3 might be a worry tho with continuous stun ) but then hes very well specced and has very good item and so expecting most magic user to match him in terms of single target damage might be a tall ask.

    Ill continue to explore this wonderful game and see how the band fare against the various monsters you had in store 🙂

    Btw, how are fight ratings evaluated ? Could they somehow be wholly inaccurate based on how low my party monster lore is? My toughest fights have been chaos kempa, stone golems. At least kempas are rated at suicide. 2 stone golems has been something like even or fairly tough. Even pestilent slimes posed great danger initially at even rating :D. I’d learnt not to place great emphasis on the rating and manual control my team for new monsters encounter .


    • Fight ratings is purely based on combined party levels times hp%. So for a certain encounter my setting says <100 is suicide. That means if your 6 players are all level 20 (=120) but only at 80% health (so 96 rating) then it shows suicide. It is only a rough guide because it ignores monster count (some groups can be 5 to 10 so the rating resembles the average encounter only) and of course it does not know how well equipped you are or if your mana is depleted.

      I could not balance everything but ave simply included enough options, settings, random loot and skills and spells to make it a tactical experience.

      My party just tried to kill Ryld in SPARTA mode. Could not do it even with meteors and rage and haste and good equipment. I have focussed my knight on one-handed weapons though which is good in the early stages where a quick weapon and extra AC from shield works well. Later in game 2h weapon is better just to make sure you actually leave a dent.


      • I’d clearly like to check out this awesome ryld. Can he maybe drop an unique maul for the next update you do? Lol, just kidding.

        I’m taking my time through this game. just farmed the beholders for abit to stock up my spell books but they apparently dropped same book# of the same spell. Because of the long way back to castle im going to visit the Druids and access the geomancers class. I hope those saved up Tp will be worthed it 😀

        I’m liking the variety of combat scenarios and the different tactical challenge it posed. For example, just as I’m conceding that my archer (Jennifer Lawrence wannabe) is severely gimped due to common high pierce resistance- and I’d switched her to using a slingshot /widow maker like a hobbit 😉 – in mobs, i stumbled upon the beholders who likes to keep their distance whilst staring the party to death. She began to truly shine , despatching and stunning the soft eye fleshie with ease while the melees are still playing catchup.


  7. Evening
    Does the data transfer from one IPad to and newer IPad?
    Upgraded iPads and the past games are not available to load and play.
    Thank you


    • Hi Jesse,
      A safe way to transfer from one iPad to another is to backup the old iPad in iTunes and ‘restore’ on the new one. Otherwise any app would not transfer with the data/save games etc. My game does not support iCloud savegames, I tried but the savegame size caused Apple to ask me to remove the feature.


  8. Thank you. Tried iTunes and no loaded games showed. Since visited local Apple Store and they had me do the cloud backup.
    Currently tried to load game none show, but when clicked for new game it gives the question of override a game I can not see or load. Suggestions? Thank you


    • very puzzling. I am afraid I have not come across this issue before, and in the very few cases where savegames have disappeared upon device changes there has not been any successful recovery to date. The files are stored in the default Documents folder of the device, without me specifying the folder path to ensure that whenever device or iOS changes the device can still find the file afterwards. But that implies that any such changes from Apple’s end are made in a way that previous content is retained/copied.
      Unfortunately I can’t think of anything that can be done to recover any files. But if you are worried about starting a new game and building up your equipment, there is an in-built cheat that I can privately advise you of that would allow you to bump up a newly created party and make up for lost loot essentially. Let me know if you are interested in that.


      • Thank you! Love the game and have not played since getting the air IPad. As I had work and enjoying the party makeup and was blessed with finding some nice items I had not had in many other parties and games I had played. So yes I would be interested.


  9. Hello Volker!
    I think I am halfway through the game, so let me see what I can say to improve this,
    I am playing on an Adroid.. so…
    1) encounters. Some are just tedious. ORCS especially. After fighting like hundreds of them or the Ember Orcs, I was growing bored. Please, if possible, if the outcome is 90%+ in favor of the party, auto-solve it.

    2) map. Pretty please the teleportation to the cities in the map.. please? It will speed the moving between quests.

    3) Quests. When you summarize them. Add the words of the one who gave out the quest where he specifies the area he wants you to explore.

    4) Ranger. Really can’t become a marksman?

    5) Druid quest. A lot of exploring. If I found those stones already.. please tell me where I have and show me on the map.


    • Thanks for the feedback! I will look into these. Few quick things:
      2) already exists but you have to earn it (WARP function in options menu). You get it after the ‘Kratos’ side quest. Seemed too powerful from a story perspective to grant early.
      4) not yet, will eventually have a side quest to earn that.
      5) if you change minimap to ‘small’ (on performance page 7 of options), then you can scroll in your minimap freely to see what you have found. Just need o visit each map once and 90% of them are in overworld (outside) maps so there is only 5 to cover.


      • Thanks Volker!
        Will continue exploring.
        The game is good as I said.

        So for the Ranger.. what can I make him become? A Warrior or something else? It could be nice he could become an assassin.adding poison to his arrows would increase his efficiency.

        Any suggestions?



      • he does not have options as yet, warrior is the only choice for class change. there will be more options for the ranger when I expand the game (kickstarter campaign is live now!)


  10. Not on Facebook. But some points on the rogue debate…. I’ve a rogue assassin at level 41 as/19 rogue. Only ever gone melee. Completed every mob bar lich on suicide. Haven’t taken undead dragon yet. Melee on rogue until you get to about 160 across the board in defense and 80%+ crit resist relied on a few things for me. Never fight on auto on multiple mobs, the rogue has to flank. Use two tanks, and always have taunt up. Make sure your rogue rolls with 18dex at the start and ideally has righteousness or dynamo. You’ll get to 20% crit pretty easy and will soar to 40%+ with assassin. Regular crits of 600 plus are fantastic. Also, save good daggers and one handed swords with magic damage. Staccato, the top dagger ability with even a 1-10 magic damage dagger will wreak havoc.


  11. Oh and he normally out damages both my samurai and warrior combined and sometimes does more than those two plus mage and druid on some fights (ancient dragon for example). I think melee rogue/assassin is seriously over powered 🙂


    • Ah i found it. Thanks to the confusing description in the app store months ago, i thought all the time that im playing chapter 1 and it was said there will be a huge update called chapter 2 wich also expands the story. Now i found out that i already played chapter 2, wich i thought it was chapter 1. What a stupid description. Also i felt stupud wuth the ending of the game. Didnt felt like being a heri. Hopefully the 3rd chapter will be a huge update and better storytelling.


      • Sorry about the confusion. An iPad only version of the game existed two years ago and it ended after the island, so that was referred to as chapter 1 at the time.


  12. So I went to the raided town on my way to fight the monster the elves have captured. I encountered a knight and when the combat screen came up there were no enemies. Thought it might be a glitch so i marched over to the caves, said howdy to the brave elven gaurds and then descended to begin my battle. To my surprise, combat screen came up abd no evil beast to slay. Either my party is so bad ass all the bad dudes have fled. NOT. Or i have a tech issue. Afraid if i uninstal i will lose my party and i have just had them achieve their guilds. Haaaaalp!


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