DoC for everyone!

** UPDATE.  Below is a post I made in October 2015 when I decided to make DoC available to Android and all iOS phones and tablets.  Since then, Android app has been released on 1 June 2016 : GOOGLE PLAY STORE LINK **


Well, almost everyone.  I have exciting news: I am now in the process of porting Dungeons of Chaos to the Unity5 engine.

Which will mean DoC will be available to all iOS and Android devices (*insert boring disclaimer about old operating systems here*).

I had a few other game projects running but have concluded that DoC is where both my passion and my expertise lies, and I have just got so much positive feedback from fans that I think wideing the fan base by making it cross-platform is the way to go.

There are obvious challenges in doing so, which I was aware of before, and here is the latest take on them:

(1) User interface, how can I make it work on devices with screens as small as a smartphone?

This was my biggest concern.  In the existing build under XCode, it was always the question what would prevent an iPhone port.  Answer was the UI challenges.  Now, through gaining more expertise in Unity5 via my other 2 projects, I think I am comfortable finding a way.  There are still about a dozen buttons that are relevant while wandering around or fighting mobs, but I will probably make some dynamically disappear and reappear as relevant.  Bars with available fight spells and skills will probably slide in and out of the right side, so I can retain enough space for the fight arena.  The issue under XCode was that I did not even use buttons, I just used layers in the Tilemap and registered the clicks on the respective Tiles.  So this main obstacle is now theoretically resolved as I know what to do.

(2) Fight arena and map display, how can you accurately click the tile you want to click on a screen as small as a smartphone?

 Several solutions, all are technically possible I just need to make a decision: in overland map mode, I will introduce a zoom function.  problem solved.  everything you need to see from a distance you can still see when zoomed out, everything you need to interact with would be close by so zoomed-in view will be fine for that.

In fight mode, the issue is more complex.  In fact, the reliance on click-to-bash actions may be something I need to rethink.  I know the auto-fight option is everyone’s darling now so a zoomed out view would be fine since you hardly ever need to hit a specific tile accurately at all.  But for those boss fights where you use specific / daily / powerful skills and spells, I will need to think of a way that you can see a lot of the arena while still being able to select a target.  I don’t want to introduce target lists etc, that would be a major deviation of how the engine was built and take too much time to change.

So I will now go full steam into the Unity development, and hopefully in a few months many more people can enjoy Dungeons of Chaos.  Since I don’t want to remove the current DoC App from the App Store, I will probably give it a new name like “Dungeons of Chaos – next generation”, which will also hint at the Chapter3 development of having a bunch of adventurers trying to find out what happened to the initial set of heroes…


this is how the main inventory screen will look like for example, feels nice and readable on my iPhone:

(ignore the character pictures in lieu of items etc., I just put dummies into the images)