This article is most useful if you try to achieve the species count achievements (and/or assassin guild quest).  I will not add monster stats to this list, that would be too revealing.  The order is the same as they will appear in your FOE log so you can see if there is a gap by matching the counter each has in yours.  You will definitely be missing #49,#87 and #90 though as that is not currently in the game (as a mob).

  1. wolf
  2. giant rat
  3. orc
  4. orc mage
  5. skeleton
  6. skeleton warrior
  7. spider
  8. archer
  9. huge spider
  10. tzoahl the horrible (spider queen)
  11. ghost
  12. zombie
  13. undead wizard
  14. giant scorpion
  15. strange rat
  16. angry tree
  17. large bat
  18. vampire bat
  19. crusher
  20. giant ant
  21. orc warrior
  22. orc warlord
  23. spectre
  24. lich
  25. young dragon
  26. chaos worm
  27. worm spawn
  28. chaos kempa
  29. vortex
  30. apparition
  31. red sphere
  32. blue sphere
  33. green sphere
  34. troll
  35. ice beast
  36. ice demon
  37. hunter spider
  38. stone golem
  39. pestilent slime
  40. slime blob
  41. vampire
  42. fire drake
  43. fire acolyte
  44. minotaur
  45. cute bunny
  46. overlord
  47. mature dragon
  48. elder dragon
  49. headless knight [not in game]
  50. skeletal beast
  51. baby floater
  52. floater
  53. master floater
  54. ancient floater
  55. RYLD
  56. mercenary
  57. conjurer
  58. DELUON
  59. ember orc
  60. ember giant
  61. ember orc king
  62. mud corpse
  63. wight
  64. ghoul
  65. banshee
  66. dark wizard
  67. ogre
  68. winged evil
  69. gnome
  70. gnome mage
  71. gnome shaman
  72. KRATOS
  73. ancient dragon
  74. undead dragon
  75. undead draconic warrior
  76. wisp
  77. warrior ant
  78. ant queen
  79. ant guard
  80. shadow beast
  81. wyrm
  82. arctodus
  83. bloated zombie
  84. hissing bug
  85. shadow pixie
  86. frost zombie
  87. baby dragon [not currently in the game]
  88. shadow warrior
  89. golden dragon
  90. warrior angel (only appearing as an ally via divine favor skills)
  91. diamond dragonThe following were mostly added in the chapter 3 update:
  92. spectral vortex [chapter 2, summoned by spectral dragon]
  93. undead archmage
  94. skeleton champion
  95. arch lich
  96. lurker [appears in chapter 3 but cannot be fought. it acts as a teleporting hindrance]
  97. decoy [created by players]
  98. magic table [arena only]
  99. magic chair [arena only]
  100. magic chair [arena only]
  101. magic chair [arena only]
  102. magic chair [arena only]
  103. lightning vortex
  104. clay golem
  105. mithril golem
  106. diamond golem
  107. BEN [arena golem boss]
  108. MICHELLE [arena golem boss]
  109. fire lord
  110. asbestos wasp
  111. mammoth
  112. evil mammoth
  113. Trudie [mammoth boss]
  114. mutant wolf
  115. mutant ant
  116. dark orc
  117. mutant scorpion
  118. evil forest spirit
  119. ice titan
  120. fire titan
  121. fire spirit
  122. frost spirit
  123. rock titan
  124. steel titan
  125. earth spirit
  126. nether dwarf [axe variant]
  127. nether dwarf [hammer variant]
  128. lava pixie
  129. nether dwarf berserker
  130. vampire lord
  131. nether dwarf shaman
  132. succubus
  133. lesser demon
  134. Chris the crypt keeper
  135. undead knight
  136. Chaos Demon Lord [end boss]
  137. hellhound
  138. chaos fiend
  139. chaos larva
  140. demonic mist
  141. demon hive
  142. nether sphere
  143. Tzoahl’s mother
  144. lost soul
  145. small mimic
  146. mimic
  147. RAGHMAR (a possible ally)
  148. VANEDOR (a possible ally)
  149. demon
  150.  greater demon
  151. storm sphere
  152. ARIKA (a possible ally)
  153. NEGAN (a possible ally)
  154. jade turtle (strong variant)
  155. jade turtle (weak variant)
  156. bug queen
  157. crawler
  158. mother of bunnies
  159. undead Ryld
  160. war ogre
  161. undead giant
  162. Ramath the female necromancer
  163. fighter
  164. barbarian
  165. ranger
  166. archer
  167. rogue
  168. monk
  169. cleric
  170. mage
  171. lvl 200 druid
  172. lvl 200 cleric
  173. lvl 200 ranger
  174. lvl 200 rogue
  175. lvl 200 mage
  176. lvl 200 barbarian
  177. lvl 500 druid
  178. The007griz (a possible ally)
  179. OZOB (a possible ally)
  180. evil ranger
  181. frost acolyte
  182. WORSTELL the giant ice troll (a possible ally)
  183. Nosos the master of poison
  184. BRIM SHATTERSMASH (a possible ally)
  185. DRAVEN BLADESONG (a possible ally)
  186. ARTELAS (a possible ally)
  187. SAMIRACLE MAX (a possible ally)
  188. dwarf master barbarian
  189. dragonborn fighter
  190. SYLUS THE DARK WIZARD (a possible ally)
  191. dark invoker
  192. demonic warrior (poison)
  193. demonic warrior (fire)
  194. demonic warrior (magic)
  195. demonic warrior (frost)
  196. demonic warrior (lightning)
  197. demonic warrior (lifedrain)
  198. lvl 500 berserker
  199. MADOC the arena boss
  200. Traz the vile
  201. giant snake
  202. kelpie
  203. grey steed
  204. nightmare
  205. unicorn

The DARK SIDE (spinoff)

Taking a small mental break from my chapter 3 work after churning out a solid 12 pages of conceptual storyline.

During this mental break I will try and flesh out my ‘Dungeons of Chaos – the Dark Side’ spinoff (actual current working title is ‘Dungeons of Chaos – Agents of Death’).

UPDATE 13 JAN 2017

With the functionalities (minion creation, run, progression) working and alpha tested thoroughly, have now decided on the main game concepts to make it fun.  And designed the user interfaces for:

  • minion creation / breeding


  • mission selection


  • main character rank / progress / status (you play the evil acolyte)


UPDATE 31 DEC 2016:

Completed the randomised map routines.  Will now use core maps (outskirts, dunes, dwarven structure) and overlay with many randomised blocks of content/rooms/structures.  Should make for good replay value:

dwarves3 dwarves1 dwarves2 dwarves4

UPDATE 30 NOV 2016:

Completed the scaling hero-encounter routine.  Heroes will feel like normal enemies in combat, however in the maps themselves they don’t spawn like normal mobs.  Hero spawns will become more powerful over time and be the main reason why an evil minion run will end.  Their actions and damage and accuracy also scale with their level, and some of their actions are level dependent.  So a level 3 ranger can summon wolves, but a level 20 ranger can summon a more nasty nature ally…

And that ghost in the picture is not safe either, while the barbarians’ axes are useless and the rangers’ arrows don’t hurt, those fighters know to bring a ‘vs undead’ weapon to the fight.


2nd UPDATE 25 Nov 2016: party creation and display conceptually works now.  Next step: fight auto behaviour, and inventory item slot restrictions (each monster type can/can’t use certain slots. so zombies wear armor and jewelry but don’t use weapons or shields)

concept-1 concept-2 concept-3

UPDATE 25 Nov 2016: am mostly through the minion creation/party compilation section.

You have a certain amount of power (increases with long term achievements).
It determines how many minions, and which, and feats, you can combine to form a minion party.
Your boss (aka evil god of death) will let you know randomly where he needs you to cause a distraction/destruction this time ( e.g. The horsemen tribe) so you need to cater for what you will be facing.
Achievements also unlock new feats, minions, locations.
Each minion party will eventually die, so a ‘savegame’ is just representing one minion party which will eventually perish. So you can save but not load. No backup/restore.
The main progress will be stored in the playerprefs file but also be backed up as a file.
That black guy is ‘you’, a black acolyte. Aka career villain in the evil god’s ranks.


UPDATE 22 Nov 2016: started to put together some of the visuals:


It will use the same engine but play differently. Essentially you are minions of the ONE (evil God of death for lack of a more detailed bio). He sends you in to do as much damage in the realm as you can.

You pick starting mobs, out of 6 possible ones (3 more are unlocked later). Zombie, ghost, Orc, werewolf etc.  But you posible can only take 2 creatures at the start, and earn the right to start with bigger parties later via achievements.

As you start to wrack havoc in the human and elf world, you face very dangerous encounters as there are people defending their cities, as well as parties of heroes chasing you down. You known, assassins with ridiculous speed, clerics that heal all the damage you do, tanks that defy your physical damage.

You try to achieve a certain reputation score, which with each run of a new party accumulates to a figure that allows you to unlock new locations or starting mobs. You can also unlock a number of specific achievements to get more reputation.

Within a single run you earn the favour of your God and can ‘spend’ that at altars you find across the land. On simple small advancements, or a levelup (granting more health, mana or whatever is typical for your character), or for a lot of favour, transform your character.

Typical transform path:
Zombie > frost zombie > ice demon > frost titan
Zombie > undead mage > lich > arch lich
Zombie > skeleton warrior > skeleton knight > skeleton king

Transform are expensive (which means you weigh off not levelling up any other of your 6 characters), sometimes ask you to sacrifice one of your other 6 as well, and you need to find the right altar. Which are randomised so no 2 plays will feel the same.

Some mobs have immediate benefits (good health, decent damage), others have long-term powerful transforms. Some can equip items, others can’t. So an Orc is easy to play, straight forward brawler and you level him up, transform him up to Orc Warlord and give him the great loot to wear. But he is kind of limited thereafter. A fire imp is totally wimpy, but if he is transformed into a baby dragon, young dragon, mature dragon, elder, ancient, undead, …

And of course each mob at each stage has different skills and spells.

Hero parties (your main enemy to fear) scale over time so it is just a matter of time until your run is over. Unless of course you figure out a way to become Uber-powerful and unroot the world itself. Did someone say Draco lich?

I will keep it very simple in terms of story, so the game is probably tailored toward those that played DoC and want something fun to continue.  Here are some of the transformation paths I have designed, including started mobs that are available right away as well as those you unlock later when you have ticked enough in-game achievements:

mobs7 mobs6 mobs5 mobs4 mobs3 mobs2 mobs1

Time to focus on chapter 3

I have still been adding content (spells, skills, tweaks, mobs) until recently, but will now focus on putting chapter 3 in place.  I have scribbled up a dozen A4 and A3 sheets of storyline paths and options.  Now that enough detail is there, I will start building it out which means I will not make further changes to chapter2 except bug fixes and maybe trying to get iOS cloudsave to work.

If you want to be involved in the next couple of months, there are kickstarter reward tiers that allow idea sharing, NPC creation, monster naming and many other things.  If you missed the kickstarter, message me over facebook and we can still get you in to the pledges at the same prices.

Thanks for your support and please spread the word, leave a review on the app stores and maybe gift this app to your buddies for birthday or Xmas!  On iTunes that works directly, and on Google Play you personalise a gift card with instructions for this app and it should also make for a great gift!  Beats most gifts guys usually get!


Thanks, Volker