6 weeks in — great reception drives great motivation

6 weeks in and the reception from the RPG community has been very positive.

Follow THIS link to see ALL reviews (globally, all regions) for this App to date, really proud about the great reception so far!  There is almost a clean 5-star feedback so far.  The LITE version (aka ‘demo’) allows everyone to test the game before spending money on it, which really has gotten a lot of positive feedback as well from those that have found it not the type of game for them.

Big thank you to the fans!

If there is anything particular you really loved and want to see more of in Chapter 2, please reply to this post or email me at dungeonsofchaos @ gmail.com.  I am working on Chapter2, having just filled an A3 sheet of paper with a font size 4 writing full of the core story.  Filling over 20 locations already, now adding optional side quests, achievements requirement to be allowed to change player classes (warrior, knight, priest, exorcist, marksman, wizard, warlock, geomancer …).  Lots of work, as I also want to expand the skills and spells and build some intricate monster abilities and tactics.  You will find Chapter 2 generally a bit harder in terms of winning fights because I think I underestimated the expertise of my main target audience.

The first month of being an App owner

It has just been one month now since I released Dungeons of Chaos.  Being my first App I have really had a roller coaster ride in the first weeks.  First surprised that everything works smoothly, then a few hectic updates as some (smaller) bugs did pop up.

And daily Sales stats are certainly keeping a developer on the edge of their seat, unfortunately as was to be expected with an App that is neither multi-platform nor trying to appeal to modern real-time or first person enthusiasts, the sales are not impressive.  But I was not making this game to make a lot of money (and I think the price I set reflects that).  I wouldn’t mind that of course but I set out building this game wanting the kind of game I could not find myself.  Something that lets me spend timeless hours exploring the developer’s imagined world with bits of detail here and there to make that enjoyable.  And amass cool loot and beat the crap out of many monsters.

That seems to have worked even better than I imagined.  The feedback and reviews I get are very good, and drive my motivation to build Chapter 2.  I am still trying to understand how the AppStore works, apparently unless you have 5 or more ratings in a country they don’t show themselves to the user in that country, even if other country have plenty.  Some similar imaginary border seems to apply to reviews.  So worldwide (full version), ALL ratings are 4 or 5 stars.  That makes me very happy.  And the reviews so far really excite me.  I will paste them into the bottom of this post.

So as reviews come in (and reports of bugs subside), I am really pumped to flesh out the next Chapter.  I don’t want to give away too much, a few visual appetisers are included in the SNEAK PEAK section.  I will keep adding to that as well over the next weeks.  I have a good storyline going so far, have defined over 15 static maps/locations of which some are as big as the island was, and a few randomised locations including one that allows for unlimited replay opportunity for those that really love grinding.  And I think visually it will not be repetitive at all.  The monsters are all additional new types to expand the repertoire (including the grandpa of the young dragon you may have killed in Chapter 1), and the locations include an icy mountain pass and valley, an elf city high in the trees, a foresaken old battleground, the depths below the Lord’s castle, a fortress sieged and taken over by minotaurs, a swamp, a druid’s cove, an outlaw encampment, some old mines, the valley that connects most of these places and where a lot of the nasties will be that started the adventure, etc. etc.  And some odd places that can best be described as ‘chaos rifts’.

Thanks for everyone so far that has played it and fed back their thoughts, appreciation, suggestions and encouragement.  Keep checking this site, and watch out for an exciting update in March!