The DARK SIDE (spinoff)

Taking a small mental break from my chapter 3 work after churning out a solid 12 pages of conceptual storyline.

During this mental break I will try and flesh out my ‘Dungeons of Chaos – the Dark Side’ spinoff (actual current working title is ‘Dungeons of Chaos – Agents of Death’).

UPDATE 13 JAN 2017

With the functionalities (minion creation, run, progression) working and alpha tested thoroughly, have now decided on the main game concepts to make it fun.  And designed the user interfaces for:

  • minion creation / breeding


  • mission selection


  • main character rank / progress / status (you play the evil acolyte)


UPDATE 31 DEC 2016:

Completed the randomised map routines.  Will now use core maps (outskirts, dunes, dwarven structure) and overlay with many randomised blocks of content/rooms/structures.  Should make for good replay value:

dwarves3 dwarves1 dwarves2 dwarves4

UPDATE 30 NOV 2016:

Completed the scaling hero-encounter routine.  Heroes will feel like normal enemies in combat, however in the maps themselves they don’t spawn like normal mobs.  Hero spawns will become more powerful over time and be the main reason why an evil minion run will end.  Their actions and damage and accuracy also scale with their level, and some of their actions are level dependent.  So a level 3 ranger can summon wolves, but a level 20 ranger can summon a more nasty nature ally…

And that ghost in the picture is not safe either, while the barbarians’ axes are useless and the rangers’ arrows don’t hurt, those fighters know to bring a ‘vs undead’ weapon to the fight.


2nd UPDATE 25 Nov 2016: party creation and display conceptually works now.  Next step: fight auto behaviour, and inventory item slot restrictions (each monster type can/can’t use certain slots. so zombies wear armor and jewelry but don’t use weapons or shields)

concept-1 concept-2 concept-3

UPDATE 25 Nov 2016: am mostly through the minion creation/party compilation section.

You have a certain amount of power (increases with long term achievements).
It determines how many minions, and which, and feats, you can combine to form a minion party.
Your boss (aka evil god of death) will let you know randomly where he needs you to cause a distraction/destruction this time ( e.g. The horsemen tribe) so you need to cater for what you will be facing.
Achievements also unlock new feats, minions, locations.
Each minion party will eventually die, so a ‘savegame’ is just representing one minion party which will eventually perish. So you can save but not load. No backup/restore.
The main progress will be stored in the playerprefs file but also be backed up as a file.
That black guy is ‘you’, a black acolyte. Aka career villain in the evil god’s ranks.


UPDATE 22 Nov 2016: started to put together some of the visuals:


It will use the same engine but play differently. Essentially you are minions of the ONE (evil God of death for lack of a more detailed bio). He sends you in to do as much damage in the realm as you can.

You pick starting mobs, out of 6 possible ones (3 more are unlocked later). Zombie, ghost, Orc, werewolf etc.  But you posible can only take 2 creatures at the start, and earn the right to start with bigger parties later via achievements.

As you start to wrack havoc in the human and elf world, you face very dangerous encounters as there are people defending their cities, as well as parties of heroes chasing you down. You known, assassins with ridiculous speed, clerics that heal all the damage you do, tanks that defy your physical damage.

You try to achieve a certain reputation score, which with each run of a new party accumulates to a figure that allows you to unlock new locations or starting mobs. You can also unlock a number of specific achievements to get more reputation.

Within a single run you earn the favour of your God and can ‘spend’ that at altars you find across the land. On simple small advancements, or a levelup (granting more health, mana or whatever is typical for your character), or for a lot of favour, transform your character.

Typical transform path:
Zombie > frost zombie > ice demon > frost titan
Zombie > undead mage > lich > arch lich
Zombie > skeleton warrior > skeleton knight > skeleton king

Transform are expensive (which means you weigh off not levelling up any other of your 6 characters), sometimes ask you to sacrifice one of your other 6 as well, and you need to find the right altar. Which are randomised so no 2 plays will feel the same.

Some mobs have immediate benefits (good health, decent damage), others have long-term powerful transforms. Some can equip items, others can’t. So an Orc is easy to play, straight forward brawler and you level him up, transform him up to Orc Warlord and give him the great loot to wear. But he is kind of limited thereafter. A fire imp is totally wimpy, but if he is transformed into a baby dragon, young dragon, mature dragon, elder, ancient, undead, …

And of course each mob at each stage has different skills and spells.

Hero parties (your main enemy to fear) scale over time so it is just a matter of time until your run is over. Unless of course you figure out a way to become Uber-powerful and unroot the world itself. Did someone say Draco lich?

I will keep it very simple in terms of story, so the game is probably tailored toward those that played DoC and want something fun to continue.  Here are some of the transformation paths I have designed, including started mobs that are available right away as well as those you unlock later when you have ticked enough in-game achievements:

mobs7 mobs6 mobs5 mobs4 mobs3 mobs2 mobs1

31 thoughts on “The DARK SIDE (spinoff)

  1. Enjoying Dungeons of Choas, just completed chapter 2. Do you have a planned release date for The Dark Side spin off? Will there be a kickstarter campaign? If so I’m in.


    • I am planning to have it ready late December. No kickstarter, it will be a standalone app with its own price. probably 2.99. or may 3.99 with a 25% off launch special. Glad you like the concept idea! Please spread the word, still a lot more visibility DoC can get (I hope).


      • you need to have an iOS device ideally and then you can sign up to TestFlight (download the app) and I include you in the alpha versions. Android is a bit more complex because I would need to upload apk files which I not really like to do.


  2. Damn. Keep the updates coming. You’ve done a great job on the original. I think you have hooked a bunch of us. I know I’ll be buying any and all of the jewels you put out. Can we still Chuck money over at the Kickstarter?

    The dark side looks great. No one ever lets out people play the path of evil. We’re always locked into the elf/paladin/good cleric storyline. I’m looking forward to a new twist. This will be the first time someone has offered a game like this.


    • Thanks! Yes you can still get into the kickstarter-type reward levels. Just message me on facebook and I will let you know my paypal account, just let me know which reward tier you are interested in.


  3. I just hit a bug. While fighting dragons all of my characters became lvl 1 fighters and are all dead. I can still move on the main screen but if I initiate a fight it is just a fight screen with no options. I can still access all of my characters inventory though. It has made the game unplayable.


    • Oh wow that is huge. Did it autosave and corrupted the file now?
      Was it literally during the fight? Any chance you remember what action happened? Or did you read the fight log?


      • It was after I lost a fight with an ancient dragon. It only affected the one file. My other saved games were not affected but most of those characters are low level so I feel like I am starting over. I have my apps set to update only when let them.


      • It sounds like a very random thing to happen. And I have no clue what would have caused it, sorry. If it were to happen in any of my simulated plays I could track down what happened, but in this case it just looks like the game data got corrupted.


    • it is. But I started it when I had a mental block with my chapter 3 expansion work (which is priority and supported by a successful kickstarter campaign). Chapter 3 is almost finished, then I will spend a month on the PC port (steam and GoG), then I will work on other games such as the evil spinoff, RPG City etc.


    • The concept of controlling monsters, levelling them, and going through mostly randomised raid maps is fully taken over into the ESCAPE FROM CHAOS game I am currently working on.


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