Welcome to Dungeons of Chaos!

The game is about to be released for PC and Mac on STEAM (STORE PAGE.  Video trailer link), and has been available for Android (GooglePlayStore Link) and iOS (Apple Store Link) since 2016.  It was originally released (Dec 2014) for iPad-only, but that version has been removed when this one came out.

There was a successful kickstarter associated with the ‘chapter 3’ expansion which is now included in the game. If you want to get similar chances to add fan-based things or get some in-depth insight and involvement, you can still message me and let me know what reward tier you would like (details HERE).  People have also made small donations and in return can choose texts that appear on tombstones, pub poles or graffiti.  If you are interested in that, contact me.

And if you want to support my ongoing work, please consider supporting me on PATREON.

If you wonder what this game is about, here is a list of all the reviews:

<ANDROID reviews>

<iOS reviews>

And on 8th December 2016 THIS happened:


Also reviewed on TOUCHARCADE, the leading iOS gaming site.

On this website you will find

  • My latest blog posts capturing further game developments, developer thoughts etc.
  • Help on how to play this game (and not die too often)
  • A WIKI page with a bucket list of extraordinary things to do/try/achieve, detailed articles on spells, skills, classes etc.
  • Some info about the creation and philosophy behind the game
  • A page to post your most precious loot
  • A page to read and post about issues and support
  • A way to get in touch and provide feedback and suggestions (post a comment on this or any other page)
  • SNEAK PEAKS of things to come in future updates and the Unity version of the game


Other coverage (of the previous version) to date:


MOBIL.SE (swedish)




202 thoughts on “Home

  1. Excellent game! Really enjoying figuring out all the mechanics.

    Is there a full list of spells and skills anywhere? I feel like I have found all of the spells and most of the skills, but there are still some that have a question mark in their box. Other skill and spell boxes are just blank, making it seem like the question mark means something. And I haven’t found a single Death domain spell. Are they implemented yet?


    • The WIKI section on this blog has the lists. Still quite a few slots free for me to invent new ones later. Death spells are used mainly by warlock class which will come in chapter 3 mid year.

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  2. Hi!
    Could you expand it on steam? And drop it in there with trading cards, along with the whole steam game deal?I’m sure the community there will more than happy to spread popularity very quickly with the right front/ steam store page. The game is in its prime time with constant updates thus putting it in there as early acess will gain very helpful reviews and lots of encouragement.


      • The trading cards are dropped about three times if it is a set of 5 cards and four times if it is a set of 7per game. These cars drops occur while players are in game. Other players, in order to complete the rest of the set must buy it on the steam market for little value or trade it with another player. Completing a set of trading cards results in a badge of exp for the players steam account, so they may look cooler with more exp and a higher “level” than their fellow steam peers. A badge also rewards a unique game background for the respective steam members page, a small emoticon steam players may use during chat amongst each other, and lastly, perhaps if they are lucky, a coupon to another game in steam. Searching steam trading cards on Google should also give a good idea of what to expect. Making these cards spreads alot of awareness about a game, and making a really cool background, badge, or emoticon might tip those who are thinking about your game to buy it for the goal of receiving these awards.


  3. Definitely Retro Awesomness here! I have run into an issue though. Just got to the castle in chapter 2 and talked to Lord Aldrich and received the Catacombs and Outlaw quests but when I go back to the door in the Northeast is still says I do not have the key for the door! Help!!!


  4. Whattup Volker.
    First off, I absolutely love this game. I never played top-down-tile-art-turn-based RPGs before this one. I understand class building because of more recent style RPGs of the Hack&Slash and FPSRPGs variety, like The Elderscrolls games or Borderlands and Fallout, but I am familiar with D&D and team building/class swapping and DoC has given me a great deal of respect for the genre. After reading the previous posts on your various social media accounts I can honestly say I’d like to go back and play them if I can find the platform.
    Second, much respect to you for finding your gift and making it your passion. Not often a man can have such a fulfilling life, it is obvious you are bringing joy to many people.
    I have just gotten into the meat&taters of chapter 2 and just turned my Cleric into an Exorcist. Of course my first class swap had to be my only female character but I’m excited nonetheless. I’m having an absolute blast with the game. Keeping an eye on that ridiculously expensive gear in the smuggler village and wondering how in the One do I get millions of gold?
    Anyway, I’m rambling… the reason for this post is that I think I have found a bug. I am playing version 1.9.260 on my iPhone 6 and every time I cast “Resist Evil” with my Cleric it says “boosts lightning resistance” in the Fight Message overlay. As to whether or not it actually buffs lightning resistance or resists evil I’m not sure, as I usually pair it with “Holy Chant” and I’m pretty sure I read it debuffs negative effects, and I haven’t run into an undead that casts lighting damage that I know of. It is doing the same thing now that she is an Exorcist. In the Abilities-Spells submenu it lists her proficiency as “0” and Advancement as “spell never used” for lightning resistance. Have you run into this yet? It’s been bugging me since day one.
    Other than that the game is absolutely amazing and runs smoothly. Thanks a ton!

    -Oogrok the Zerker


  5. I’m not asking about transfers. I’d like to play on my iPad, go to work and play on my Android, starting from where I left off on my iPad.


    • Yes that would require cloud based savegames or transfers. Not working. From android to android, a transfer solution exists but through an external app. Nothing for iOS and not cross-platform unfortunately.


  6. Hi, I cannot get the game to install. Keep getting the error that it cannot install on SD card. For some reason it was there, so I erased it and now the game will not reinstall.


    • The default setting from the google play store for my app is that it won’t allow SD card location. So it shouldn’t have gotten there in the first place. But never heard of this happening where it ended up there.
      What does it say when you open the play store? It may just be a case that you have to reset the play store. I googled it once it was something like multiple pressing of the menu button.


    • working on chapter3 at the moment. as with any ‘second album’ I have too many ideas to make it a simple thing, but progress is ok. Best case is end of May, but could slip a few weeks. After that, will work on the PC/steam port for end of July, then will work on the evil spinoff game.


  7. Hey great work with the game I’m really looking forward to ch. 3! I’m about to log into the game and continue grinding to level my spells. At the moment, each member on my team is a lvl 95-98 and the guild lvl is 75-85 I think. With the release of ch. 3 will I still be able to accumulate talent points and continue to lvl past lvl 100? Or will there be a cutoff once lvl 100 is reached? Also, I’m having problems with the new military skill that’s supposed to increase the physical atk of certain characters. It’s not showing as a skill to select while fighting. It should b n the quick actions for my knight once I use His TP to upgrade the skill correct? Either way no worries yaknow? But again, great game and I can’t wait to see what you do next!


    • Military training is passive. It is applied automatically to the damage calc.
      There is no level cap, neither now nor later.
      Please spread the word!


    • working on it as we speak. I am building new functionality that I am actually releasing to the current version already. Enhancing items (crafting/enchanting so to speak) will come in the next 48 hours. The storyline itself will probably come last as it can’t be feasibly released in chunks. I have a fair bit of beta testing to do as well so I am hopeful beta testing commences end of May, but the release itself will have to wait till all the testing looks good.


  8. Cool I’ll look in that structure.
    I had all accomplishments and a party strong enough to take out a golden dragon in a couple minutes for leveling.

    Something I noticed. I had moved my DoC app from internal storage to external storage. It was working, but after the update it says internal storage again.


    • ah, that is it. The app is not set up to deal with external storage. So the files you need are still external, if you move them to the same location in the internal folder everything should be back. You need the Playerprefs file and the ‘savegame’ files.


      • Ah ok good to know… Now to figure out how I move them….
        Which is good anyway because I moved them in the first place to see if I could figure out how to transfer to another device.


      • transfers should work fine between devices if you know where to look and if they are rooted. Or if not, the HELIUM app can backup and restore app data. But it is not free.


  9. What an amazing game. This game totally relives the good o rpgs days for me but with a lot of modern conveniences such as speeding up the battle/talk, applying auto modes to battle (which becomes one of the fun part). Any chance to add a “move out of monster’s attack range” and adding a casting of any 1 type of spell for auto tactics? 🙂

    Any possibility for an alternate endings too if certain spells or skills or classes are attained or in the party? 😉


    • Thanks! Chapter 3 will be released soon which brings a lot of additional content. To start with, only one ending but later maybe more.
      On the auto tactics, they are pretty much where I wanted them to be. Area effect spells can’t be auto’d because of how inefficiently early the caster would aim for the first possible target. And to move out of range is too fiddle because he could spend his whole turns running to the edge. Overall, auto tactics is only meant to speed up boring fights where you are OP. Tough fights are meant to be played tactically and at least some key players on manual


  10. I turned into a ghost, got my body back, and walked into the first chamber for the chaos imps and I am pretty sure you can’t actually open all of the doors (there are five) to get out. Am I doing something wrong? I’m pretty sure the math checks out that you can’t possibly open them and get through.


  11. I figured out the levers and found the passage that opened up but I’m stuck in the portals, I can’t get passed the imp before he touches me and sends me back to the beginning. I’m thinking this isn’t the way and there must be another hidden passage?


    • Ah, the teleport challenge. Several options. This is the easiest to explain: Use the bottom most teleporter going back and forth until the lurker has landed in the bottom corridor and closest to you. Then teleport back and take the east most teleported. Walk to steps east. He can’t get to you that fast. Teleport. Done. But always check suddenly accessible dead ends for extra chests.


  12. Just curious…I love the Bucket List on this website. is the Bucket List available in game to complete like the Achievement list? Are there awards in game when one completes a Bucket list challenges? Thank you for your ongoing work to make this game incredible!


  13. Please ADD a skip possibility in the ‘inside a tree’ revivale cut-scene. It’ SO frustrating you have to wait and wait and wait for that scene to end, every time you die…


    • the skip button is only deactivated on the first party death. once you save, any further revivals have a skip button. you seem to reload and not accept your death, that is the issue. 😎
      I suggest saving after the first death and on subsequent deaths the skip button is there and you can skip and load quickly.


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