The next stage

Plenty of things have happened since my last post on this blog.

I have seen a reduced effectiveness of my facebook ads (to be expected) but sales are still ~ok.  But I certainly got continuous great fan interaction and feedback, and even some from industry veterans.  Very glad to see fans so happy with the game.

Chapter 3 expansion work is in FULL swing, after some slow periods because of the busy dayjob, and some tricky creative decisions I had to make, and which led me take a small break and work a bit on my evil spinoff app.

But I have since negotiated an extended career break with my boss, and am now for at least 16 months a pure game developer!  Very exciting for me, and also for my whole family because we decided to spend that time living in Spain.

Work on chapter 3 is well progressed, I created the creatively challenging chaos plane sequence, functionality to include levers so I can have dungeon puzzles/riddles, and am currently working on ARENA functionality, where a NPC gives out non-lethal fight challenges.  With opponents, restrictions on magic or items, several waves, allies and rewards can vary to create a vide array of settings.

I also started a fair few maps, but there is definitely a lot more work to be done.  Given the move to Spain is kicking off next week I would say chapter 3 is a May thing.  But beta testing of specific parts will start in April.

Many thanks to all my players and fans!  If you want to support me on my journey to create ever more great games, please consider becoming a Patreon (freshly set up earlier today based on fan request)!