Something that came up in a conversation with a fan today: weapon attack styles. You can probably tell that it is a nice idea but does not work very effectively in terms of UI. For example the effects of chosen attack style are not reflected in the ‘stats’ section, showing basic stats instead. All true.

However I found it a nice option nevertheless to be able to demonstrate/visualise what better weapon proficiency does, and also to give some options for tactics. If the difficulty were a bit higher, it would en more obvious that choosing/advancing the right attack style makes a difference. A recent poster with 4000 damage would not have gotten that if he hadn’t used ‘gore strike’ for damage and crit hit impact.

In general here are a few thoughts, when a fan asked about ‘strong shot’ vs ‘quick shot’ and whether the latter isn’t inferior:

If your strong shot does 300 damage and fires once every 3 turns, it is great to take out huge monsters.

But when you are faced with swarmers/minions, doing 300 damage is not required. Killing 3 with 100 damage each in the same time is superior.

Also, if you have a bow that deals poison damage or freeze/cold effect, you want to stack that quickly. And if you use a sling, you get about 3 times more chances to stun your enemy.

Certain weapons and even unarmed combat have very nifty high-end styles that can deal critical damage or hit all adjacent monsters.  Something to save up for if you want to create a new tactical option for you.

It is just another tool in your arsenal to refine your tactics. So while weapon attack styles are not a need-to-master thing, they can give you something to toy with if you want to create a certain build of player.