This is based on latest xp setting so you should NOT be level 45+ when you face them. They will be a challenge because they are formidable melee fighters. You may not be able initially to succeed fighting them head on. You need tactics if you want to win prior to having a high end samurai or knight or berserker to match them. Knights will have enough armor, samurai will have superb speed and damage output, and berserker have ‘berserkers will’ skill which makes them withstand STUN effects which is the other issue you can face when duelling them.

There are two tactics in the minotaur keep: take them out with tactics, or find your way through the castle avoiding them. they are not everywhere … I wanted to add a section of the game where sneakiness gives a benefit, but that grinding and tactics can make up for it if you don’t manage or it does not strike you as an option.

The tactics that work in theory, without a superb tank, are:
– have them chase a fast rogue or monk around the battle field while your ranged attacks do their thing. possible. Boring? maybe. But there is good xp and loot so nothing wrong with working the grounds. Too easy? no, I think if you face 3 you will find it can cause mistakes and bruises.
poison. if you haven’t tried to make a poison build, give it a try. using a few spellcasters with poison dart and a poisoned bow and fast attack rate poisoned weapon for melee fighters, you can achieve interesting effects. but you are exposed to melee damage so maybe not a fool proof concept.

Hope you found that insightful. I really wanted to challenge the player to see if there is other avenues apart from ‘head on’. both in the arena and in the castle.