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Whether found in a shop, as loot from a fight, in a chest in some dungeon, or simply in a pile of rubble on the side of a road.  There are some very impressive items to be found in Dungeons of Chaos, some rarer than others.  And they can come combined with powerful attributes and also very rare and special conditions.

Post your most precious (or odd) find here and where you found it !

Note: some items in the game are always in the same place, some are partially randomised, and 99% of items are in fact totally random.  The game engine only dictates minimum and maximum number of items and the range of item value, plus occasionally a few other characteristics.  The loot found when defeating an ORC for example is 90% chance of being an item suitable for a fighter, and 10% any other item (resembling his own looted possessions).  In general, if you want to find loot that suits a certain player of yours (for example a mage), fight enemies that are of a similar class (like orc mages, undead wizard, lich…).

A bit on the theory of ITEMS in Dungeons of Chaos:

Each item consists of:  PREFIX + CONDITION + ITEM + SUFFIX which also shows in the name.  If the prefix, condition, suffix is BLANK/NORMAL than nothing shows in the item name.  If it is something else, but the item is not identified, a ?? will show.  So a ‘brutal ancient warhammer of VAR’ if unidentified will show as ‘?? ?? warhammer ??’ in your inventory.

There are currently:

– over 200 types of items
– over 60 prefixes
– over 60 suffixes
– over 20 item conditions

Most but not all combinations are allowed.  For example:  a BOW can not have the condition BENT  (‘bent’ for other weapons means a bit less damage, accuracy and value).  A RING will usually not have the prefix BRUTAL (+damage etc.) as that prefix is common for weapons only.  Please note though this is only a hard rule for randomised loot.  Special items can have any properties I see fit, so special quest rewards or finds in the future could be a lifestealing, damage boosting, range-of-your-bow-extending amulet.  But you bet it will be hard to get…

Conditions are a bit less obvious as to their impact, but usually they only alter the characteristics an item already has: damage, accuracy and range for weapons; or AC for armor.  However, which can be of even greater importance, conditions drive the price and also drive the potency of the item.  ‘Potency’ is a hidden concept.  You will never see the potency of an item displayed, but when an item gets created the condition is determined first because the nature of the item plus the condition it has determines the potency, which is used as a requirement for prefix and suffix selection.  Without going into too much detail, the suffix “of the SOULSUCKER” requires a VERY potent item and condition.  It is also so rare and of such value that you will not be able to find it in Chapter 1.

I plan to introduce item enhancements in a later chapter, which allows you to take an item and present it for example to a deity at an altar to have it enhanced.  You would need items that have enough potency left to do that.  so while you will be able to enhance items that already have a prefix/suffix, the item would need to have the required remaining potency for the enhancement.  As a rule of thumb, higher value means higher potency.  And finely crafted jewelry (rings, amulets) tend to have much more potency than items designed for everyday use (weapons/armor), although there are some weapons and armor around that clearly have also been designed with potency in mind…

Items also have class restrictions.  A cleric will not wield a warhammer.  period.  Such restrictions may contradict depictions of such classes in other RPGs.  These are mine, live with it.


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  1. Looting the ancient graves beneath the undead wizard’s tomb, I found a TITANFLESH armor. Strength requirement far beyond my party’s abilities but a very impressive AC (>100) so will keep it until they are ready…

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  2. Again venturing through the ancient graves, found a “twisted hide of strength”. +2 to strength for a CAPE is excellent! Strength boost for a fighter is a huge advantage as that means he can use better equipment without spending talent points on strength, they can go into skills instead.

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  3. My most important find to date is a double prefix and single suffix bone staff found in a hidden trove in the smuggler village. I forgot its properties but it true value lies in its trade in value of 20k+. With that sum of money I wave goodbye to my training woes of gold shortage.

    Promptly checked out the archer giftshop in that same village and in a lucky refresh of stock , presto, therein lies a sparkling ash wood striker of consecration for about 5k. Instant-buy as most apple app fan call it 😉 . With that bow, my birgitte (archer toon) kinda carried my whole party throughout all kinds of encounter so far, auto fighting all the way. Yep, even slaying undead wizard -a fight classified as suidcide – was rather easier than anticipated. A teleporting fetish it may have, but it’s seldom out of the mighty range of Birgitte’s strong shot 😉

    For most fights tag on quick shot for her and see Jennifer Lawrence comes to life in game 😉


    • nice one. the fact you were able to sell it for 20k probably means the ‘neutral’ valuation is ~70k or so (shopkeepers rip you off both when buying and selling. some more than others though).

      that seems a little high, I may need to tweak the drop stats for the chest. was this a chest in the smuggler chief stash? I though I had given that lock a pretty tough difficulty…

      Please note that every item has one prefix, one condition, and one suffix. They can be BLANK, NORMAL and BLANK in which case they don’t show. What you found was an item that had a nice property for each of them.


  4. I found that staff out in the open area in the village. Sold it in the shelter as other vendor will rip off the price as you said. That said, the difference was quite huge. I’d imagine that same staff will only fetch less than 2k from the smith in the village.

    Speaking of the locked door in room of smuggler chief , is that door even possible to unlock by end of chapter1? Ruling out a party mix of 2-4 rogues that is. For longer term planning I’m very resistant to investing in unlock skill for other party member bar the rogue and the spell for my Mage.


    • ah, I know where you got it from. unintentionally, it uses the same parameters as the treasure behind the door you are wondering about … so I will tweak that down.

      Yes, the door can be opened with a very good rogue and some spell assistance. but probably not by the end of Chapter 1. I intend to leave a few easter eggs for people to come back to. You will also find some nasty monsters on the island that you probably should not confront as yet.


  5. Just picked up quite possibly the most badass weaponry in chapter one up top in the tower. Without giving anything away just keep your wizard eye spell on, if you haven’t already been doing so, and keep your perception skill up for hidden rooms.

    It’s a ferocious ancient force maul and on my 2h blunt spec fighter with 30 strength his damage is a whopping 68-509 if I recall correctly. A pity I don’t have a lich to test it on anymore 😉 maybe I’d get to test it on a certain huge spider assuming my archer doesn’t kill it first, which is more often than not, before my fighter can close in.


    • well deserved. the value of the items there is that good indeed. You have killed one of the biggest bosses in one of the weirdest locations and found the hidden stash. The drop is randomised except for value so not everyone will the same thing. Congratulations! I will tweak the talent point costs of STR/DEX though, it increases with start value, will maybe also increase it with difficulty. or just make it a bit steeper… what level was your fighter when he got to STR 30?


  6. Dang, if posting feedback here leads to a nerf here and there..I’ll have to think twice about it next time haha 😀

    To clarify, my strength 30 was base 22 + 8 from items. Fighter lv 15. I do have about 21 unused tp though.

    Generally speaking tweaking cost of base attribute has wide ranging game balance implication. Normally for challenging difficulty mode it’s more common to find dev tweaking enemies stats. I do think cost do attributes is fine for now. As starting from 23, it cost 4tp to raise one point and that’s more tp than what you get from a single level up.


  7. Finally got enough enhanced items to get my lvl 19 barbarian’s strength up to 34 and can use this!
    Merciless hellforged desecrator
    Str/Dex 34/15
    Boosts Accuracy by 52
    Slicing: 116-426
    Force: 67-147
    Pierce: 13-51
    Chance of bleeding: 33%
    Stun: 11%


  8. Nice drop there . Haha, i look forward to checking out this ryld 😉
    But since when sword, greatsword do stunning ? Please give my 2h blunt warrior a fair deal volker 😉

    Btw my fighter stun at 98% already but i dont notice stun skips a monster turn. What is the effect of stun in this game?


    • STUN allows for a ‘match off’ between your strength and the strength of the target. So with 98% stun you get a 98% chance that such a match off will be initiated.
      Once initiated: if your strength is a bit higher, monster gets stunned for a short bit. A lot higher: he gets stunned a LOT. You are shoulder bashing a dragon: won’t work unless you are Hercules.
      STUN puts a Red X on the monster. While that lasts, his ticker will not reduce so he won’t take any action.
      But if the stun is short this can be for as short as 20 ticks. And a ‘turn’ is usually around 100 ticks. But that is still a relief, mind you.
      A really strong stun can be for 200 ticks. Like a barbarian with 30 strength stunning an undead wizard (weak).
      Be careful fighting minotaurs or trolls later. Basically anything really strong does the same to you.

      Re. 2h blunt: are you no longer happy with your force maul? That is a badass item… 😎


      • It is badass still, considering its stunning and damage scaling off str if i recall correctly. But with additional loot in chap2 I’m looking to better weapon than it already hah. 🙂 for instance that lovely sword/greatsword has a base weapon damage output that already surpassed the force maul. Here’s hoping theres a specific rare maul drop somewhere in game. But at least my rogue or samurai-to-be monk has a chance to wield the rare sword drop from ryld. Cheers


      • a few things are not yet in Chapter2, room for expansion later (like the shipwreck):
        – samurai guild
        – berserker guild
        – warlock guild

        Once the berserker guild comes in I will give it a nice initiation quest that involves a rare 2h blunt drop…

        in case you wonder: a really good chance for a cool 2h axe is already in Chapter2: the many minotaurs and their overlord boss drop a lot of axes …


    • Before I forget: there are general rules like: swords cause cuts, blunts cause stuns. But there are valuable exceptions. The reason a desecrator can stun is because it is super heavy (see its STR requirement is a whopping 34)


      • i found one desecrator , a fixed loot, from chest in captain room in shipwreck. Easily chap1 best base damage weapon i think. Now i hope ryld drops something better although, given my party layout, I might not have the class to use it. (Warrior/avatar, samurai/avatar being the designated big hitters)

        And if 2H blunt is the privy of berserker my warrior main is going to have a huge problem getting some rare unique 2h maul, unless he gets lucky with random loot or shop inventory. As for axe, may your tip serves other intrepid adventurer 🙂 i dont have plans for a axe wielder in my party.


  9. @volker re: ryld dropping a rare evil sword. I just finished the quest involving him but i certainly didn’t see any notable sword as loot from him after the fight. Some of the usual single or dual prefix sun suncutters which could have dropped from the many mercenaries in that fight. Nothing that stands out.


      • Not long enough 😉
        The shipwreck was a place added to BRACYA (chapter 1) in the 2014 iPad version of the game when chapter 2 release was taking a long time. When the game was remade in Unity and released in 2016 the shipwreck wasn’t included.


    • Assuming you have a default party in terms of character classes:
      For your melee fighters, bs undead is not the best choice sometimes. Against his spectres it is, but against himself he is made up of bones so if you have a 2h hammer for example that will do good damage against him. And assuming you can find one with accuracy and damage boost, like ‘balanced steel war hammer’ it will do fine.
      Also make sure each player uses the most advanced attack style. You should be about level 8-12 each and have invested in your weapon skill, so all except tie spellcasters should be on 3rd attack style hopefully. You can see that in ‘abilities’ -> ‘weapon’ section.
      For your spellcasters, it is worth noting that higher spell levels do much more damage. Lich has magic resistance so you should try and hit him with hotspot level 3 or more, or lightning strike.
      To avoid being slaughtered have one character as a tank and give him high resistance vs life draining and magic via equipment or spell boosts.
      Holy chant needs to be well timed because it does not last long. But if lich has just popped his teleport and can’t teleport again, get attackers in and activate it. If you have cleric and a monk, have both activate at same time.
      You can also reduce difficulty in options just prior to fight.


  10. It’s been a while since anyone posted here (I think last time was before chapter 2 was released), so let me continue the tradition. My proudest haul so far is a Cruel Supreme Doom Wand and a Fiendish Adamantine Bone Staff, both from the dragon’s den.

    Cruel Supreme Doom Wand
    Base Attack Time: 102
    Boosts Accuracy by 48
    Slicing damage: 21-113
    Force damage: 21-112
    Piercing damage: 21-113
    Chance to stun: 58%
    -6 Speed
    +15 evade
    Defense vs slicing/piercing/force: 18/18/16
    Boosts mana by 27%

    Fiendish Adamantine Bone Staff
    Base attack time: 118
    Boosts accuracy by 29
    Force damage: 1-275
    Chance to stun: 15%
    Steals life: 3%
    Defense vs slicing/piercing/force: 6/0/0

    Curious to hear what other goodies people has found!


  11. Got some pretty neat loot if I may say so myself:

    – Supreme Ankh of Wizardy
    Evade +10
    Sl/Pi/Fo 14/14/13
    Mana +36%
    Mana reg+

    – Bastioned Rockskin of Haste
    Speed -2 (-7+5)
    Evade -28
    Sl/Pi/Fo 135/121/115
    Crit resist +43%

    – Mithril Globetrotters of Adroitness
    Evade +21
    Sl/Pi/Fo 33/34/29
    Dex +1

    – Protected Steel Aura Shield
    Evade -12
    Sl/Pi/Fo 72/72/57
    Mana +8%
    Crit resist +27%
    Magic resist +14%


  12. I don’t have quite the achievements many of these guys do…but some good gear that I’ve come across in the few short weeks I’ve been playing this game:

    Script Ring of Health: 20% Health + Regen and DMG vs Undead 6%

    Geomancer Inginia:
    Dark Channeling +6
    Hotspot +10
    Endure Elements +12
    Boosts Mana 11% (plus Regen)
    Resist Crit Hits 7%
    Resist Fire 11%
    Resist Poison 16%
    Resist Stoning 9%

    Shining Supreme Boneshard of Alertness (Bow)
    ATK Time: 146
    Range: 18
    Boosts Accuracy by 47
    Piercing Damage 105-238
    Magic Damage 2-25
    Chance to Bleed 11%
    Steals life: 2% of damage
    Resist Paralysis 26%
    Resist Sleep 20%


    • Forgot about my other “big” account.

      Poisonous Supreme Angelbow
      STR/DEX Required 20/28
      Base Attack Time 125
      Attack Range 21
      Boosts Accuracy by 40
      Piercing Damage 70-252
      Damage vs Undead +37%
      Poison Damage 5-11
      Chance to c/bleed 25%
      Bonus to evade 13

      Odd Can of Energy (held by my priest)
      STR/DEX required 8/10
      Base attack tim 115
      Force Damage 1-30
      Lightning Damage 2-15
      Magic Damage 2-25
      Chance to stun: 18%
      DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 4/0/2
      Boosts Dex by: 1
      Boosts mana by: 18% (plus regen)

      Fiery Mithril Acolyte Robe of Control (on my wizard)
      Str/Dex required: 8/8
      Bonus to evade: 4
      DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 19/32/8
      Boosts mana by 8%
      Resist Fire: 64%
      Resist Paralysis: 48%
      Resist Sleep: 50%
      Resist Stoning: 36%


  13. Perfect Spirit Sword of Faith (on Assassin)
    STR/DEX required 14/10
    Base attack tim 108
    Boosts accuracy by 29
    Slicing Damage 1-185
    Force Damage 1-23
    Damage vs. undead: +109%
    Chance to c/bleed: 29%
    DEF vs. Sl/Pi/Fo: 18/0/0

    Though he doesn’t have a boosted crit chance, he chews up undead with holy chant active. His Hellskin of Accuracy helps.

    Hellskin of Accuracy
    Str/Dex req: 8/8
    Malus to Evade: 2
    DEF: 10/20/4
    Boosts Dex by 3
    Boosts health by 4%

    I need what that Bunny has though. “He’s got HUUUUGE Fangs.” I’ll be back, little bastard.

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  14. Well, with there was apparently a loot bug (since fixed)…and so one of my accounts is now sitting in a fantastic place.

    Venemmous Masterwork Graviton of the LIGHT
    str/dex reqd: 33/10
    DMG vs Undead: +58%
    DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 84/84/79
    Boosts Speed by: 11
    Resist Critical/LifeDrain/Paralysis/Poison: 10/64/59/11
    Secure Mithril Lich Crown of Vitality
    str/dex reqd: 8/8
    Steals 1% life
    Bonus to evade: 10
    DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 48/49/40
    Boosts Health by 11% (w/ regen)
    Resist Crit: 35%
    Mana boost 17% (on my Berserker, so useless there)

    Bastioned Expert Runic Cape of the EARTH
    Str/Dex reqd: 8/8
    DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 22/24/21
    Boosts Dex: 6
    Boosts Speed: 5
    Resist Cold/Crit/Lightning/Fire: 50/24/33/52
    Ancient Winddisc of Resistance
    Str/Dex Reqd: 12/11
    Malus to evade 9
    DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 61/50/43
    Resist cold/lightning/fire/magic/poison: 23/20/26/38/36

    My Zerker is nearly unkillable if I can keep the rest of the party alive! lol (Marksmen, Ranged Assassin, Priest, Wizard, Geomancer for supporters).

    Marksman his a great bow:

    Perfect Sky Bow of the EARTH
    Str/Dex reqd: 23/16
    Base attack time: 173
    Attack range: 19
    Boosts Accuracy by 69
    Force Damage 0-20
    Piercing Damage 37-210
    Cold damage 13-44 (slow by 5)
    Lightning Damage (15-54)
    Fire Damage (20-38)
    Chance to c/bleed 6%
    Boosts Speed by 3

    Shard of EARTH (for my assassin who is struggling with resists prior to this)
    Boosts Dex by 5
    Boosts Speed by 5
    Boosts mana by 3%
    Resists Cold/Lightning/Fire 44/32/48

    Ancient Ring of WYRM
    Boosts mana by 89% (with regen)
    Resist Magic 25%

    Basically…yeah…I inadvertently took advantage of an exploit I didn’t fully realize was going on. Was basically just grinding out Gnome/Gnome mages on suicide (most difficult stuff I could regularly kill without dying that would give spellbooks). Had a massive inventory that I did an ID on and saw the lovely loot.

    I probably shouldn’t have updated the “fix” just to see how much better my gear could get, lol. But, it does make grinding out dragons much easier now.


    • Other gear that I have for my casters is a few pieces of XARAM gear (mana boosts in the 40+% w/ regen), a neck piece that is “of LIFE” which has allowed my geomancer to make up for resistance shortcomings

      L23 Zerker (37 overall) has just shy of 2k hps, his DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 549/549/468 and all but 2 of his resists are over 7%. I could probably get his DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: over 600 on each category…but I prefer to have the high resist (I know I’ve seen several shields that offer much bigger defensive boosts to the standard attack categories in the Loot Locker)


      • Yeah, I kinda feel bad about the little exploit…but not bad enough to get rid of the gear. LOL

        Just means future grinding has true goals to look at. I already have to create a new party so that I can have an Exorcist instead of a Priest (need my Battle Cleric) lol.


  15. Anyone know any good mobs to get better resist gear and weapons from? Kampas and apparitions seem to be better than elder dragons, but interested in other views?


    • There is no mob that has restrictions to only or predominantly spawn resist hear. But the easiest way to change resistances without compromising your choice of weapon or armor is to use the three jewellery slots.
      And the highest drop rate and value for jewellery should be elder dragons I think. But if they take longer to kill them the chaos guys then it may be similar option.


  16. what’s the best mana regen modifiers? Of scholarship, of energy, and of sorcery all say mana regen boost. What exactly is this boost amount and what makes these 3 different?


    • The mana regen boost is proportionate to the mana boost. So if one has +20% and mana regen, and another has +30% and mana regen, then the latter has a bigger effect on your regeneration rate.
      The regeneration rate itself is not displayed.


      • Gotcha, thanks. Great game by the way, I just wish it wouldn’t crash every 5 minutes on my iPad 2. Stupid IOS updates nearly bricked my device. The older version of the game doesn’t crash on me though.


      • yes, iPad2 is tough. It gets worse the longer the game is about (savegame size) and I am still trying to work out if there is something I can do about it. I am running a 5C as a test, logging exact memory use. But making iterative changes and seeing if it gets better is very drawn out process.


  17. Marksman: Diabolic Perfect Shadowpiearcer, piercing damage 201-644. Assassin: ferocious hell forged shadow blade (1h) slicing 50-210 force damage 52-138. Knight: Brutal ancient skyslicer, slicing 88-620. Best class end game is Knight, massive DPS and armor. Looking for something challenging, Ancient dragons die quickly now

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  18. Elder Dragons are usually good, I mix it up by fighting in the tunnels as the castle as well. Can occasionally get awesome gold chests that have some good loot there. It’s easy to make 75-150k in a single run at the hardest difficulty.


  19. For me the most gamechanging item was a Balanced Perfect Boulderstick that I somehow got offered to buy from a shop in act 1 and that was so vastly overpowered that my barbarian easily did 5-10 times the damage as the rest of the group combined. At that level my fighter hit for like 120 damage on a good hit but the barb raged in for frequent hits beyond 1600. It was quite awkward for some time but on higher levels (or maybe after I switched class to berserker) the damage somehow went down to comparable levels. I guess there was some glitch in the formula calculating the damage: maybe the enemys were not ready for such an item that stage of the game.


  20. Was feeling sorry for the dragons, so took my lv50 party to do the depths on suicide (only lich made me lower the difficulty..). Wisps still make me very nervous, definitely no auto fighting for me on them! Would be great for another similar challenge in there, perhaps like the ember giants are for a new to chapter 2 party? Also, not seen any chests above silver in the depths yet! Wisps are a brilliant challenge 🙂


  21. On my assassin:
    Protected supreme dark armor
    Steals life, 1% of damage
    DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo; 267/266/212
    Resist crit 29%

    Means he has 397/379/333 defence. With 44% crit chance, I wish more mobs had less resistance to crit 😉

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  22. Just nabbed this for my Samurai.

    Expert Masamune of Resistance
    Boosts accuracy by 20
    Slicing damage 75-233
    Chance to c/bleed 60%
    Chance to crit/hit +1%
    Bonus to evade 7
    DEF vs Sl/Pi/Fo: 16/0/0
    Boosts speed by 6
    Resist co/li/fi/ma/po 27%/19%/24%/33%/40%

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  23. Currently my best drop is:

    Ferocious Perfect Spirit Sword (1h)
    Str/Dex – 15/10
    Attack time 108
    Accuracy +32
    Slice – 1 -210
    Force 1 -25
    Bleed 29%

    I’ve seen my tank crit over 2k with it before.


  24. Heya Volker,

    I am enjoying the game so far, thanks very much man.
    But in my reading of posts etc, I see mention of a ship in chapter 1 and cannot for the life of me figure out where it is, any help would be greatly appreciated .



    • That was in the Dec14 iPad only version. I added it when people were waiting for chapter 2 (which is everything after you leave the island). In this 2016 version the ship does not exist.


  25. Wow super quick reply man !!
    Thanks, I have only run through the game a few times now, haven’t found everything yet, but figured there was no way I could have missed a ship.

    On my main group found out too late the downside of auto save as I took on the winged flightless dudes with over 700 items in inventory I hadn’t dealt with yet, and the game just ended on me 😦 now they are stuck in an endless fight loop because of the auto save .
    Need chapter 3 =D


  26. I’ve gotten two pretty great pieces of loot so far.
    I forget the full name but the first was a crossbow called Snowy something Shadowpiercer of something sold for over 22k gold. The second was a Flashing Doom Belt Energy that I sold for over 46k gold. If you’re wondering why I sold such a powerful item I didn’t like the 10% decrease it carried. I could get similar benefits from other items without that penalty.

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  27. Love the game but Honestly I can’t say I have found a weapon that has wow’d me yet. with the exception of most of the items at the smugglers camp, but I can’t afford anything there. My team is on average level 26. Have I missed something? I have been beating up dragons, wiped out the Minotaur, found the northern ruins…..looking for third wise man to activate third power.


    • there are some good chests around:
      – the dragon stash in the dragon’s den (knight’s guild quest takes you there), which are at the end of the den/cave. Those chests are very good.
      – the (hidden) throne room in the minotaur keep. middle of the map. if there is a square unexplored area then you haven’t found the entrance yet…
      The loot locker shop has insane items. The most expensive of them you cannot ordinarily afford, however some people grind to get those as well. There are very high end monsters (dragons) later which give exceptional items as well as enough gold to shop at the high end of the loot locker range.

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    • Three wise me are the wizard at the starting camp, the hermit in the NE corner of the starting island and the druid.

      And while you have been beating on dragons, you get better loot from tougher dragons as well as tougher difficulty.


  28. My two best items got dropped from the gold chests in the Dragon cave .

    Bastionated Hellforged Verticul
    DEF vs SL/Pi/Fo 60/60/60
    Resist cold: 18%
    Resist Crit: 24%
    Resist fire: 18%
    Resist Lightning: 15%

    and sell for a Whopping 270k , i was jumping in my room like an idiot xd

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  29. I keep finding so much loot that I can’t decide if I should keep for later or not, then forget where it is in the list. Could we get a filter on inventory for things like “damages undead” or “magic resistance” to help find specific loot in long lists?
    Also note: I really wish my monk could use a one handed mace instead of a staff.


    • it would be very difficult to make it work in the small phone-sized user interface unfortunately. What most people do is they use the SPECIAL button in the shops to sell of non-magical stuff, then sort by value and move interesting stuff to STASH. then use stash as a way to have interesting 2nd weapon choices.
      For the monk, I had to make a few choices how to define each class. For the monk, I wanted him to fight elegantly. Staff works, but other blunt weapons did not fit that bill.


  30. Cruel Supreme Durandal
    Hits like a truck (304 slicing, 59 force, 71 piercing max damage)
    Speed boost
    25% bleed, 10% stun
    Accuracy boost
    Only downside is a pretty big base attack time
    Dragon chest


  31. Corrosive Hellforged vortex ring of blood
    HP +4%
    AC vs sl/pi/fo 17/17/16
    Evasion +6
    Resist poison 24
    Resist drain 22

    Found at outlaw camp vendor for


  32. Found this in one dragon chest (stats after modification):

    Balanced Forcemaul of Angels +
    base attack time: 139
    boost accuracy: 13
    force damage 33-135
    damage vs undead: 306%
    chance to stun: 56%
    boost to str: 1


  33. This is my level 5 marksman bow:

    Supreme War Crossbow +++
    base attack time: 320
    attack range 19
    boosts accuracy by 36
    piercing damage 168-411
    chance to c/bleed: 8%


    • The 3 highest settings (out of 8) do that, yes. But that is the ONLY benefit. Difficulty makes everything else harder. Less xp, more xo needed, tougher monsters etc.


  34. Volker you made an amazing game!

    Best weapon in game besides Egg-calibur:

    Secure Graviton of ZOMOK
    Def Vs 98/99/102
    Resist: Crit 36%, Fire 64%, Paralysis 38%

    If I only had one more Prefix! lol

    Unicorn drop!


  35. Hey! Just wanted you to knowbi have a fighter with 4 cardinal set items, but its not giving me a pop up about any bonuses. I got one item from loot locker and one transferred from another game via the merchant in the thief camp. What is the cardinal set supposed to do?


      • Hi, you don’t need just a specific number of items, for this set you need one (or more) OF EACH different type. For golem set for example, there are 4 different crystal names and you need at least one of each worn. Not 4 of the same, or any. Hope that helps!


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