This article is most useful if you try to achieve the species count achievements (and/or assassin guild quest).  I will not add monster stats to this list, that would be too revealing.  The order is the same as they will appear in your FOE log so you can see if there is a gap by matching the counter each has in yours.  You will definitely be missing #49,#87 and #90 though as that is not currently in the game (as a mob).

  1. wolf
  2. giant rat
  3. orc
  4. orc mage
  5. skeleton
  6. skeleton warrior
  7. spider
  8. archer
  9. huge spider
  10. tzoahl the horrible (spider queen)
  11. ghost
  12. zombie
  13. undead wizard
  14. giant scorpion
  15. strange rat
  16. angry tree
  17. large bat
  18. vampire bat
  19. crusher
  20. giant ant
  21. orc warrior
  22. orc warlord
  23. spectre
  24. lich
  25. young dragon
  26. chaos worm
  27. worm spawn
  28. chaos kempa
  29. vortex
  30. apparition
  31. red sphere
  32. blue sphere
  33. green sphere
  34. troll
  35. ice beast
  36. ice demon
  37. hunter spider
  38. stone golem
  39. pestilent slime
  40. slime blob
  41. vampire
  42. fire drake
  43. fire acolyte
  44. minotaur
  45. cute bunny
  46. overlord
  47. mature dragon
  48. elder dragon
  49. headless knight [not in game]
  50. skeletal beast
  51. baby floater
  52. floater
  53. master floater
  54. ancient floater
  55. RYLD
  56. mercenary
  57. conjurer
  58. DELUON
  59. ember orc
  60. ember giant
  61. ember orc king
  62. mud corpse
  63. wight
  64. ghoul
  65. banshee
  66. dark wizard
  67. ogre
  68. winged evil
  69. gnome
  70. gnome mage
  71. gnome shaman
  72. KRATOS
  73. ancient dragon
  74. undead dragon
  75. undead draconic warrior
  76. wisp
  77. warrior ant
  78. ant queen
  79. ant guard
  80. shadow beast
  81. wyrm
  82. arctodus
  83. bloated zombie
  84. hissing bug
  85. shadow pixie
  86. frost zombie
  87. baby dragon [not currently in the game]
  88. shadow warrior
  89. golden dragon
  90. warrior angel (only appearing as an ally via divine favor skills)
  91. diamond dragonThe following were mostly added in the chapter 3 update:
  92. spectral vortex [chapter 2, summoned by spectral dragon]
  93. undead archmage
  94. skeleton champion
  95. arch lich
  96. lurker [appears in chapter 3 but cannot be fought. it acts as a teleporting hindrance]
  97. decoy [created by players]
  98. magic table [arena only]
  99. magic chair [arena only]
  100. magic chair [arena only]
  101. magic chair [arena only]
  102. magic chair [arena only]
  103. lightning vortex
  104. clay golem
  105. mithril golem
  106. diamond golem
  107. BEN [arena golem boss]
  108. MICHELLE [arena golem boss]
  109. fire lord
  110. asbestos wasp
  111. mammoth
  112. evil mammoth
  113. Trudie [mammoth boss]
  114. mutant wolf
  115. mutant ant
  116. dark orc
  117. mutant scorpion
  118. evil forest spirit
  119. ice titan
  120. fire titan
  121. fire spirit
  122. frost spirit
  123. rock titan
  124. steel titan
  125. earth spirit
  126. nether dwarf [axe variant]
  127. nether dwarf [hammer variant]
  128. lava pixie
  129. nether dwarf berserker
  130. vampire lord
  131. nether dwarf shaman
  132. succubus
  133. lesser demon
  134. Chris the crypt keeper
  135. undead knight
  136. Chaos Demon Lord [end boss]
  137. hellhound
  138. chaos fiend
  139. chaos larva
  140. demonic mist
  141. demon hive
  142. nether sphere
  143. Tzoahl’s mother
  144. lost soul
  145. small mimic
  146. mimic
  147. RAGHMAR (a possible ally)
  148. VANEDOR (a possible ally)
  149. demon
  150.  greater demon
  151. storm sphere
  152. ARIKA (a possible ally)
  153. NEGAN (a possible ally)
  154. jade turtle (strong variant)
  155. jade turtle (weak variant)
  156. bug queen
  157. crawler
  158. mother of bunnies
  159. undead Ryld
  160. war ogre
  161. undead giant
  162. Ramath the female necromancer
  163. fighter
  164. barbarian
  165. ranger
  166. archer
  167. rogue
  168. monk
  169. cleric
  170. mage
  171. lvl 200 druid
  172. lvl 200 cleric
  173. lvl 200 ranger
  174. lvl 200 rogue
  175. lvl 200 mage
  176. lvl 200 barbarian
  177. lvl 500 druid
  178. The007griz (a possible ally)
  179. OZOB (a possible ally)
  180. evil ranger
  181. frost acolyte
  182. WORSTELL the giant ice troll (a possible ally)
  183. Nosos the master of poison
  184. BRIM SHATTERSMASH (a possible ally)
  185. DRAVEN BLADESONG (a possible ally)
  186. ARTELAS (a possible ally)
  187. SAMIRACLE MAX (a possible ally)
  188. dwarf master barbarian
  189. dragonborn fighter
  190. SYLUS THE DARK WIZARD (a possible ally)
  191. dark invoker
  192. demonic warrior (poison)
  193. demonic warrior (fire)
  194. demonic warrior (magic)
  195. demonic warrior (frost)
  196. demonic warrior (lightning)
  197. demonic warrior (lifedrain)
  198. lvl 500 berserker
  199. MADOC the arena boss
  200. Traz the vile
  201. giant snake
  202. kelpie
  203. grey steed
  204. nightmare
  205. unicorn

32 thoughts on “MONSTER LIST

  1. How annoying… I reloaded my suicidal run to do it with no deaths (now done) and thought I had killed everything with 80 species killed. The two I am missing are.

    Hunter spider – not seen this on any play through. Any clues??

    Wyrmm (!!!!) – I went back there and as I’d looted the whole place when still at basic class lv 20, while completing the first rift, I didn’t realise that looting *stops* them spawning. Not just stops them, but deletes them, as on this run, I’d not killed them. Is this a glitch or intentional?

    Very frustrating if I can’t kill them 😦


    • hunter spiders spawn in the VASTNESS castle tunnel type.

      wyrm: does it show as a known defeated foe in your FOE log? if so, there is no more you need to do for that one. If that particular savegame has NOT killed a wyrm yet, than all should still spawn. Also, the BIG western cave in the wyrm level has an unlimited wyrm spawner. you need to move a fair bit away and back into the cave and each time there is a small chance one is there. indefinitely.

      there should be two others you are missing, plus the winged evil on top. did you get dark wizard? banshee? bloated zombie etc?


  2. I skipped the wyrms, to save for later, then forgot about them! Went back, couldn’t find them, so started to worry! Ran in and out of the cave 23 times and one just spawned. Just the hunter spider to find. The other three I am missing are winged evil, undead dragon and undead draconic warrior. So seems I’ll be able to catch them all on this supposed prefect suicidal run 🙂


  3. I am actually looking for the whisp as going around. Even maps with where the monsters are would be nice. Not the exact location per se, but things like: Dragons, mostly Dragon caves, spiders, forests under shelter or Bacylon (cant remember how its spelled) stuff like that.


  4. How do you spawn ancient dragons? I’ve killed what amounted to hundreds of elders on suicidal and no other dragon showed up besides the mature ones.


    • Do you play the latest version? They only got added 2 months ago.
      If you are in the far end of the dragons den, where the elder dragons have their chests, the area you are looking for is directly south of that.


  5. I have 81 monsters killed and I’m trying to get the last one for the achievement. I can’t find some monsters. Help!

    Gnome Shaman? I assume in the never ending gnome tunnels. I’ve run about 10 tunnels now and never encountered one.

    Undead Draconic warrior? Can’t find it.

    Shadow warrior? Can’t find it.

    I’m working up to farming dragons, and not quite at the levels for diamond and gold. But the xp boost will get me there much quicker!


    • Gnome shaman is the boss and rarely appears in the gnome burrows north of starter island. However, they more frequently appear in the burrows in the NE of the ‘valley north’ map.

      Undead dragonic Warriors only appear in the fight with the undead dragon. Who guards the super dragons in the dragon den (v1.9.260 onwards. Check you have latest).
      Shadow warrior I think accompany golden and diamond dragons.


  6. Hi. Where do archers spawn? I could swear I killed some when I killed Ryld, but my foes list doesn’t show me as having killed one. The only place I kind of remember archers being at were with him. can you advise? Thank you!


    • They are joining the odd mercenaries parties that spawn around the elf forest. Walk the perimeter of the forest for a while and one may spawn. Sometimes with mages sometimes with archers.


    • through the initial vast icy cave, leads outside, then through different cave back inside to a different part of the icy cave. So technically inside the cave.


    • 83 bloated zombie you can find at night in one of the two swamps on the starter island. East and west of the shelter are rivers with swamp patches.
      63,64,65 is definitely where the exorcist is. Outpost village in the NE of the VALLEY NORTH map.


  7. Volker, love the game! I have a few suggestions:

    1. Wisps need tweaking. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I am more afraid of encountering a Wisp than I am a Diamond Dragon, it ain’t right.
    2. Prices on higher end items are out of whack. How does one get 16m gold for one of these? My max at any one time through 200 levels of play is about 4-5m. I’d have to save every penny for 50 levels to afford one. Item upgrades, augmentations and spellbooks only made it worse.
    3. Not enough mobs, not enough spawns. It’s more tedious to farm in this game than most. It’s fishing in Runescape bad. It’s not like farming is optional. Ya I’ve played with the difficulty, it’s not enough.
    4 If you’re gonna create huge maps, you have to augment nav in some way, either through waymarks on the map or perhaps a skill to augment (Pathfinding?) getting from A to B without encountering every stray peasant along the way. Maybe path aliases like in old school MUDs with Elf client.
    5. You should make it mandatory for every new party to include one slot for vs.undead or get a super duper warning about it and why. Or you should allow party member swap outs to rectify the situation where noobs create parties not understanding the need for a priest/cleric until it’s too late, like at the Winged Demon fight.
    6 Zoom out levels in map mode please, maps are bigger now, would be helpful to see larger areas.

    Anyway, don’t want to be all negative. Love Arenas, love bookstores/libraries, love the puzzles, love the old school feel. Thanks for all the time and love you’ve obviously put into this. Glad it’s working out the way you hoped it would.


    • Thanks for the feedback. These have indeed been discussed many times, so I give an overview of where the discussions landed:
      1. the wisp is very weak to focussed and direct attacks. cast an overclocked magic missile or similar attack and he won’t last more than a few seconds. Let him build his minions though, and you are in trouble. Fast and powerful. So we are talking determination-boosted magic bows, overclocked missile, etc. Or spam magic rupture to deal with minions at the same time. The fact you fear him means you have not adjusted your tactics much. A frontal approach on auto is futile, I agree.
      2. just because an item is for sale does not mean you can afford it. Entirely intended. It showcases what is out there. But they are reachable actually, most people receive significant loot bonus if playing on very high difficulty settings, and receive loot value bonus from unlocked achievements.
      3. I am looking at adding more spawns but mostly to deal with the most vast areas and make them more interesting. Where do you find it lacks mobs? There is over 200 different kinds, of which 140 are through spawns and 60 in arenas.
      4. People usually:
      – use Kratos’ heart artefact to warp through maps, do you have that yet?
      – set map walk speed to max which means they can traverse pretty much any map in less than 10 sec
      – use the click-based pathfinding as well as the shift/dungeonrun RUN mode to walk efficiently. what movement type do you use?
      5. it is recommended to play with the default party first, but almost any other party can prevail just as well (and have had quite a few ask for help and they all managed). The winged demon fight is doable with a cleric/priest party at level 25 if you are perfectly geared for it, or level 35-ish if not. For a party without a priest or cleric, you can still have a monk that uses exorcise (level 1) and holy chant (up to level 4) which makes a large difference. If you had neither a cleric nor a monk from the start, then this might put you at a disadvantage but so far no player hasn’t managed to overcome the chasm fight, usually you would either have very good melee fighters (troll berzerker is basically invincible if his equipment has some resist evil factor), or a lot of magic power etc. So really it is mostly about playing to your strength and their weakness. Most damage you face in that fight is evil/lifedrain damage so that resistance needs to be boosted by your equipment as it makes a big difference. If you want to share yoru party composition we can see what tactics may work. The game is designed to place difficult boss fights that are overcome by tactics. Any party on auto mode should not succeed, that is how I designed it. The right daily skills and equipment is the key usually.
      6. the large map mode creates a LOT of sprites and it seems to really cause issues on mobile devices. So I need to make that a device-specific feature so that only desktops do that. It consumes so much memory apparently that it is the main reason for the app being shut down by the operating system on some devices. Hence my caution in terms of keeping the max zoom out small-ish. What you can do though, is set the CPU scale in the options (page 7 I think) to max. When it uses more CPU, my routine notices a reduced lag and will over time allow bigger map zoomout. You need to play a while on high setting and open map, save game, load again etc and then the game will see if the CPU is fast enough to allow a bigger zoom size. I added that 2 months ago to cater for the differences in devices. Hope that helps!


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