Time to focus on chapter 3

I have still been adding content (spells, skills, tweaks, mobs) until recently, but will now focus on putting chapter 3 in place.  I have scribbled up a dozen A4 and A3 sheets of storyline paths and options.  Now that enough detail is there, I will start building it out which means I will not make further changes to chapter2 except bug fixes and maybe trying to get iOS cloudsave to work.

If you want to be involved in the next couple of months, there are kickstarter reward tiers that allow idea sharing, NPC creation, monster naming and many other things.  If you missed the kickstarter, message me over facebook and we can still get you in to the pledges at the same prices.

Thanks for your support and please spread the word, leave a review on the app stores and maybe gift this app to your buddies for birthday or Xmas!  On iTunes that works directly, and on Google Play you personalise a gift card with instructions for this app and it should also make for a great gift!  Beats most gifts guys usually get!


Thanks, Volker

2 thoughts on “Time to focus on chapter 3

  1. I’m only starting as a game developer (tabletop and RPG, not digital), and what you’ve noted about it being a labor of love (and having to keep your day job) really hits home. Thanks so much for your work on this game. It’s a gem, and you should be proud.


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