Glimpses before completion

With all technical challenges finished (last one was area-effect attacks), I am now creating a few visuals to show how it all looks.  Below are animated gif’s that hopefully will work fine, about 2MB each, I will add more over the course of today.

These are captured on a Samsung GS3 running KitKat 4.4, and with touch tracing enabled so you can see the clicks made.


DRAGON throwing fire ball

PARTY finds some cool items

SECRET PASSAGE full of chests


player casting fireball at enemies


Some still images, icon-based map buttons now and the final sizing of main character screen:

main character view zoomed in map view

10 thoughts on “Glimpses before completion

    • I am trying to put it early into the game as well on monsters less powerful than dragons. It was already in the old game but only in chapter 2: frost demons cast frost ball and mature and ancient dragons cast fireballs. But now it has a projectile which makes it look really cool. It may not be very clear in the animated gif but you can see the fireball being shot to the lower right before it causes the fire area effect.


  1. Hi Volker,

    Thanks for the beta version to test. I’ve been pretty busy so haven’t yet started playing it properly.
    But I did start a quick game with default party, and the zoom feature is very nice.

    1) Just a bit more feedback when trying to start a game.. I tried to create a custom party and on the 5th character I got to the screen where you name him. I decided to change his class and so hit Cancel, but it dumped me right back at the main menu (losing all my party). This would be better if it waned you you were about to lose all your characters, or maybe just cancel out to the previous screen

    2) A lot of the gui controls seems to automatically increase the font size so that the text fits whatever bounding box is defined for it. This results in a lot of mismatched font sizes, and some are quite large (when it only shows a small amount of text).
    Its quite difficult on the eye, I wonder if maybe it should do this, but only up to a certain font size (ie cap it)?

    Thanks, will have more/better feedback once I create my party again and start playing 🙂


    • Thanks Paul! I will improve the workflow for character creation, that is very valid. The GUI is something I still grapple with. I have the ability to restrict label space each and every button, so where it contains 3-letter words I will reduce that to make it more uniform. To deactivate the auto sizing altogether is very cumbersome because then I need calculate for each element what % of screen space it takes up, what screen size in pixels is (tablet vs. phone etc.), and pick a font size. Without testing on a myriad of devices, I run the risk that I replace the current mix of font sizes with items going way over their boundary or too small to read. But I will work on restricting individual elements better and you should see an improvement soon.
      Are you playing 0.8.61? that is the latest, including lighting engine, spells and skills cast in map mode etc. Far more advanced than any previous version.
      thanks for testing !!


    • Character generation workflow now fixed. Not much changed on the UI yet, but it’s on the list. GUILDS now work, 0.8.62 is available in next 24 hours to test it out.


      • Hi Volker, Thanks for fixing the character ‘cancel’ button

        I have a little more feedback, I’ll post it as a top-level reply…


  2. Hi Volker,

    A few days ago I finally created a brand new party, and set about properly playing the game..

    I’m really liking the new interface, the new zoom feature aswell as an increased amount of options.

    But it feels like there has been some sort of change to navigation, which I cant quite put my finger on.

    Often when you are wandering around in the new version, instead of moving to where you want to go, you will be presented with the red crosshair, as if you;re supposed to select something. I think I’ve figured out its waiting for you to click search or look etc, but personally I find it really disrupts the gameplay.

    I cant be sure, but I think in the old version, any sort of tap on the map would attempt to move you there, rather than show a red crosshair.

    This would include tapping on dark areas, even if they happened to be mountains once you moved there and they were revealed.

    The new version will not respond to any taps on dark areas
    Even when it presents the red crosshair as you’re moving about, it only seems to cause confusion, as you still need to tap on look or search and then reselect it etc

    Just my thoughts anyway 🙂


    • Thanks for the feedback. Red crosshair means the selected target is not valid: the path could be blocked (island), or the tile is dark meaning you cannot see where the target tile is. The red crosshair did not visually consistently appear previously, but the possibilities of Movement were always the same: clicking on a non-visible tile would not result in movement.
      I will see if there are any inconsistencies, but I think it works as intended.
      Are you playing 0.8.68?


  3. Hi Volker

    Thanks for the steady stream of updates.

    As you’ve probably guessed by now, Im a bit of a stickler for usability 🙂

    I think you recently changed the crosshair feature so it no longer appears when you tap a dark area? This is a nice improvement and more in line with the non-Unity version IMO.

    Just another similar suggestion…

    You can still tap an NPC, and the crosshair appears.
    But if you then tap LOOK, SEARCH, TALK etc, another crosshair appears asking you to select the tile you want to interact with.

    I’ve found this a little confusing personally, and it feels like it would be much better if it just acted on whatever tile was already selected (assuming the crosshair is visible).

    I still think a cap on the ‘font size’ would help the UI be more readable, and replacing the +/- pagintion buttons with angled brackets would be more intuitive too

    Hope you don’t think I’m nit-picking 🙂



    • Thanks Paul, all feedback always welcome. It is on my list of things to look at, and not dismissed. However it is behind a few other items so can’t promise it will make the first cut. As with my iPad version from Dec 2014, I will make constant improvements even once released.
      Kind Regards,


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