Skills and spells

Trying to decide which new skills and spells add the most tactical depth, retain class balance, make advanced classes interesting and desirable, pave the way for the party to become powerful enough to fight some REALLY nasty enemies without making them all-too-powerful.

Current skills and spells I am considering , I will keep adding to this:

  • SKILL (knight; cooldown) DEFENDER: increases evasion for adjacent allies.
  • SKILL (???; daily) SURGE: boosts speed by 100 for 250 ticks (~3 normal turns turn into ~5 turns)
  • SKILL (berserker; cooldown) SMASH: stuns all adjacent enemies, high chance and effect, but no damage.  good if you really have to tank.  or if you want to not take any damage against a medium type enemy
  • SKILL (Exorcist; daily) HOLY LIGHT:  10-15 base damage but 500%-1500% undead bonus! range widens with skill level…
  • SPELL (Exorcist) HOLY WATER: sprays holy water on a target. if undead, deals ongoing damage for a long time.
  • SPELL (exorcist) BANE: massive spell cost, but massive damage to an undead creature, stunned if not killed
  • SKILL (exorcist; daily) TURN UNDEAD: very exhausting, but can clear the ranks of undead…
  • SPELL (priest) HEALING AURA: heals all but best if close by.  costs lots.  makes dizzy. [IMPLEMENTED]
  • SKILL (priest; cooldown) SONG OF HEALING: low but ongoing healing… ?? starts of with very minor heal impact, but powerful at higher levels because it is an unlimited skill (cooldown not daily)
  • SPELL (priest) MAJOR HEAL: strong version of heal, cures all conditions, and can revive the undead out of combat with OK chance
  • SPELL (priest) RESURRECT: 100% chance to revive with 50% health, even IN combat !  (where to place? no corpse?)
  • SKILL (monk? ranger?; daily) REVEAL: shows all monsters HP bars for a while.  DAILY skill but many uses per day …
  • SPELL (geomancer) GEOBLOCK: resistance to all elements and for all players.  impact and duration inc by level… but geomancer immobile for the duration…
  • SPELL (wizard) SLOW.  very costly and difficult to learn, but powerful indeed.  magic resistance has SOME softening impact on the outcome although not fully nullified either way
  • SPELL (archmage) MASS SLOW.  super costly and immobilises the caster.  but well worth it.
  • SPELL (geomancer+) IGNITE. sets all foes on fire, not simply dealing initial fire damage but ongoing fire damage!  not very costly, however not very strong either.
  • SPELL (exorcist) DIVINE LANCE. long range vs. undead spell (magic+physical with high %).  needs LOS. cannot miss.
  • SKILL (samurai; cooldown).  FLURRY. you channel your ki to make a triple attack against one target.
  • SKILL (samurai, assassin; daily).  WARP.  like shadow shift but any square and super low time cost.
  • SPELL (??) TOXIC CLOUD. high poison impact.  area effect.  no range limitation! (conjured), just LOS needed.
  • SKILL (warlock, archmage.  less so: wizard; daily) DUEL.  you attempt to drain a target of its spell points by investing your own.  your power vs. their power determines the outcome.  a true warlock does not wait for many punches to be thrown.  He wants it settled right away: who is the master?
  • SKILL (assassin; daily) FOUNDATION.  melee range. you prick the target with a specially selected substance, preoccupying the targets immune system and making it much more susceptible to poison (reduce resist by 3/4 but not below 10%), unless the subject is immune to poison (=>99%).  does not last very long and cannot be used often per day.
  • SPELL (druid, geomancer) STORM.  a bit like lightning strike, but hits ALL enemies.  good to clear the battlefield of minions.  very few enemies have strong resistance to lightning.
  • SPELL (geomancer) SHOCK.  an electric charge dedicated to paralyse an enemy. the higher the spell level, the longer the duration.  game changer at high levels as this is a ranged spell you can use to influence how some fights on the battlefield develop, or to stop monsters from advancing too quickly at you.

any suggestions or feedback reply below or email me at dungeonsofchaos @

4 thoughts on “Skills and spells

  1. Just a couple of ideas off my head,

    Resurrect – think it would negate much of tactical value if a spell albeit a high level one makes death inconsequential. As such i think you dont need to fuss with corpse placement pointer. Just the nearest tile to priest .facing the direction of monsters. The resurrected one will have to run some distance assuming the priest is away from frontline to engage foes. I’d personally slap a stun status on the resurrected party member to account for the shock of the divine boon being administered .:). This rewards good tactical or careful play while allowing a party with priest to mitigate error in battle, at some strategic cost.

    Assassin – could use a upgraded flanking skill like a sneak attack. It could simply use the code for determine flanking but for assassin it adds additional dmg that scales with skill proficiency as long as the mob is adjacent to at least one other party member. Finally the lethal assassin can shine in taking down tough solitary mob! Or u can work it in as a additional critical chance, so if your monsters/engine has immunity to critical, it will rightfully negate the ability of assassin to inflict grievous damage when

    Assassin – poison weapon skill . Simple skill with a duration that adds poison damage to slicing or piercingLong cooldown skill. Can’t have the assassin mass coating poison on every teammate right? Might offer tactical variation if he can use the skill on , say , the archer quiver of arrow, before mobs closes in.

    Samurai – ki cleave. The slicing specialized damage of katana is its bane against monsters resistant to slice damage. Not so in the hands of a true master of the craft. The skill enable the Samurai to ignore certain degree of slicing defense of the target. It’s how the samurai master can easily slice a poorly equip peon into two with a single cut of their deadly blade. Cd and effectiveness scales with skill level.

    Archmage .: the geomancers seem to have all the fire works and fun. Magic and summoning should be the domain of the archmage. Manipulating dimension door and such. Maybe a summoning spell or 2 . The archmage cannot move while spell is in effect. The archmage need extremely high magic lore and maybe as cost and exclusivity , a rare focus that must be found in game. Perhaps a basic less powerful summon focus can be gifted upon elevation to the class of archmage ?


  2. So, did chapter 3 add any new spells? I would like to see more ice and poison spells, so here are a couple ideas for those and others. Love this game, btw. 🙂

    Ice Block — Single target. Causes ice damage and traps the target in a block of ice for a while. The ice block and the trapped target cannot be harmed for the duration and the block disrupts line of sight like trees and other types of terrain. It can be targeted on enemies or even allies to keep them alive. (This would be a fun one, but I would understand if it would be a pain to program all that).

    Poison Field — Full Field. This is basically what the Pestilent Slimes use. I just want that spell to poison large groups, no damage needed, just the poison effect.

    Sleep — Small Area. For when you implement sleep mechanics. This game needs more crowd control spells, and this would be the most basic of them. Puts enemies to sleep in a small area, but has a chance to fail against each target.


    • Yes, quite a few! If you go through the spell and skill list you will see several mass resist spells, destabilise matter, mass paralyse, force link, cryo charge, plasma bolt, wither ray, summon demon, summon golem…


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