In the midst of Chapter2

So much to do.  Exciting but also tiring, I am building concepts, storyline and maps.

Main storyline is finished, an A3 sheet of paper full of font size ~4 writing:


Current view is that Chaper2 will have:

  • twice as many locations as Chapter1, of equal or bigger size (status 1st February: I have built 8 of about 40 already);
  • a doubling (at least) of monster types;
  • a higher ‘baseline’ difficulty.  not only boosting monster speed, accuracy, AC, hp but also trying to make some monsters be more nasty in terms of target selection;
  • the ability to change player class.  Note: most classes have 2 advanced classes to choose from and the choice if final, and you pretty much have to work pretty hard (quests, discovery) to be allowed to change class;
  • more items.  First of ~20% more items in each item class, but also a new item class altogether, using the vacant 12th item slot in a player’s equipment.  Working title ‘class insignia’, it will be very restrictive in that each class has their own.  A cleric or priest or exorcist can wear a holy cross for example.  I will allow a wide range of attributes for these, even those otherwise restricted to weapons for example (life steal, damage+ …). Here is early impression of graphics I intend to use for them:

class insignia

Will also add bits to the sneak peek page as a repository.

2 thoughts on “In the midst of Chapter2

  1. Can some classes dual wield to get in two strikes at a time?
    Also, is there a spell in the game that allows you turn a monster to fight on your side?

    Great game! Having lots of fun playing!



    • Dual wield: no, have not implemented that yet. While a cool differentiator, it is quite complex to implement in my engine. I will have a think about it. Maybe an ability either gained by a higher class or as an ‘ambidextrous’ feat at creation?

      ‘jinx’ for monsters? I am working in a routine to allow conjuration of allies, once that works turning a monster into an ally would become possible. But it is not very advanced yet so not sure if it eould make it into chapter2. Also, it raises serious concerns around balancing, as a boss usually becomes powerful by spawning lesser monsters. If you could just turn a few against him that would overpower it. Because i don’t have consumables involved and mana regenerated quickly between fights, i would have to make it a very costly or high failure spell. My currrent thinking: it will continuously cost you mana to uphold the influence. That way a short control = slight benefit costs you less mana than a longer one. But continuous mana depletion is another thing i have not inplemented yet. But this is definitely in the making.

      Keep the suggestions coming! There will be more after chapter2 (ch3, expansions …), so only a matter of time until i get all such things in. Please don’t forget to spread the word and leave a review on the appstore…



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